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2087739 - Email Notifications: Setting a Single Sender and Single Recipient for Email Notifications - BizX Platform


Is it possible to set a Single Sender & Single Recipient for email notifications?


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • BizX Platform


Single Sender:

SuccessFactors Customer Support can activate a standard Single Sender Value for your instance. In effect the "FROM" email shown to end users receiving notifications will appear as the value you wish to setup.
You could change it from to or whatever your company domain is.

  1. This has the effect of modifying the incoming FROM address for ALL notification emails to whatever your desired value is, instead of an email address with FROM address
    Your email system may see this as spam as it pretends to originate from your internal systems, so your IT team may have to whitelist our email server IP addresses so that the emails are successfully accepted by your servers.
    See KBA 2087468 for the list of IP's that would need to be whitelisted per datacenter.
  • Should you wish to activate Single Sender, please open a case with SuccessFactors Customer Support. We will activate it so that all emails will come from your desired value.


NOTE: We CANNOT setup a rewrite of the domain only. For example, you want FROM: just changed to FROM: (which would in theory allow emails to get to your end users) as you must remember that is likely a real user at SuccessFactors, and therefore this invalid approach results in our employees getting your emails when people reply, and that is both an unacceptable annoyance to our users, as well as a security risk to your data and communications.


Single Recipient:

SuccessFactors Customer Support can make a provisioning change and activate a Single Recipient option. With Single Recipient enabled you can direct emails to one common email address so that end users no longer receive emails. From there, if you have capable systems, your own internal system could decide whether to send the email on and to whom to send it to.

  • Single Recipient Name: (this can be any custom string like "ABC Emails")
  • Single Recipient Email: This will be the email address for emails to go to. We only support one single recipient email address.

You can also have us "Forward all emails" or "Forward emails addressed to these domains" whereby you provide us a comma separated list. Example; ",". In this example, only emails going to HR or sales would be forwarded to the defined recipient email address, and any emails for would be ignored and delivered normally.

Note: Single Recipient and Single Sender are totally independent of each other and can be used alone or in combination with each other.


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