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  • This article reviews how to enable html for notifications.
  • When a client enables HTML email notifications the system by default will embed a SuccessFactors logo in the footer of the email. There may also be a SuccessFactors logo at the top of the email.

  • How to disable the SuccessFactors logos in the header and footer of HTML email notifications.

  • What HTML tags does SuccessFactors support if we enable Enable HTML email notifications?

  • Our html links and formatting is not working even though we have Enable HTML email notifications on, why not?


  • BizX Platform


What HTML Tags Are Supported in HTML Email Notifications?

Note: The HTML functionality implied by this feature is the construct of the email and NOT the ability of the client to add any html tags they might want to add into the body of the email. This option is not a feature to allow clients to embed and format notifications using HTML, but is rather an option to allow the SuccessFactors system to send the standard email notifications leveraging html which many client email systems support. Once this option is enabled our standard email notifications will be sent to the end users using HTML formatting and will include logos and color formatting, providing a cleaner more professional email.

While clients are free to add and test basic html tags and formatting within the body of email templates, they must keep in mind that SuccessFactors does NOT support the use of these html elements and therefore will not provide support for any code that you add that does not work as expected, or that breaks functionality of the product.

  • We do not support the use of any javascript or other code.
  • Clients should remove any html or code they have added to the body of email notifications if it does not work correctly as SuccessFactors makes no commitment to enhance the product to support client code.

We have seen clients successfully use very basic html code within the body of email notifications to create links. For example <a href="http:\>Click here to go to Yahoo</a>


Removing SF logo in the Footer of Email Notifications

Removing the logo in the footer requires that you open a case with Customer Support. They will disable the setting for you once you have turned on HTML emails in admin tools > company settings

1. turn off company html e-mail notification from Admin Tools > Company Settings > Company System and Logo Settings > Enable HTML email notifications
2. customer support will then enable logo in provisioning > Check "Embed SuccessFactors Logo in HTML Notifications" and click save
3. To test: route a document to trigger e-mail notification
4. e-mail should not contain SF logo in the footer


Adding/Removing SF logo in the Header of Email Notifications

A SuccessFactors logo may display at the top of emails if a company does not reference their own logo in company settings. To have the company's logo show in email notifications we recommend you enter a full URL to the logo field in company settings.

1. go to Admin Tools > System Properties > Company System and Logo Settings
2. enter your URL into: URL of the Company Logo
3. if your logo is hosted at SF it may look something like:


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