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2087459 - Company Barometer: How To Implement the Company Barometer - BizX Platform


  • This document explains how an administrator can activate and maintain the company Barometer. It includes granting the necessary permissions, question management, as well as configuring labels, icons and answer formats.


  • BizX Platform


  • The Company Barometer lets you informally poll your team or company to gain an understanding of employee perceptions over an extended period of time.
  • Questions are created, opened, and closed by administrators.
  • Employees can choose to answer once or many times, changing their answers whenever they choose.
  • Employees can use the analytic portion of the Baromter to understand how their peers and other employees are responding to the open questions.
    • Analytics display:
      • overall answer trend since the question was first open
      • average response and
      • response distribution.
    • Employees can view average and distribution of responses for
      • their team (direct reports),
      • their peers (all other employees reporting to their manager) or
      • for everyone.
  1. Request SuccessFactors activate your Barometer.
    This will require 2 features to be activated: "Company Barometer" and also "Question Object Management"

  2. Provide Administrator with Access to Question Object Management
    1. For non-RBP environment:
      Click on Administrative Privileges link under Manage Security. Make sure that the user who will administer the Barometer has full permission for Question Management. One question has to be defined in Barometer Question prior to providing access to the administrator.
    2. For RBP environment:
      Please, find the following sections under "Admin Tools" > "Manage Permission Roles" > "choose a role" > "Edit":
      Question object permissions.jpgBarometer permissions.jpg

  3. Create Barometer Question
    Create a new question. Recommendation is to place barometer questions in a separate question library for ease of management. The only way to create a new question library is to export an existing question and import with a new question library name. Use category to group questions together for easy management.

  4. Configure Labels and Icons
    After question is created, drill down on question name to set question "Answer Format" from the existing value (eg "Free Text") to “Barometer”. When question answer format is barometer, text boxes will appear for 3 responses. In addition, drop down lists will appear allowing the user to select an icon to represent each response. Select responses and corresponding icons that best represent the information you would like to capture from users.

  5. Provide Barometer Question Access Permissions
    Use the Manage Barometer Questions link to access permissioning for Barometer. Permissions are granted separately for each permission, for each question, to individual users. This allows maximum flexibility in configuration of the behavior that each end user sees. The Manage Permission through Group of users functionality allows the administrator to grant permissions to multiple users, such as to an entire department or division at the same time.


Additional Information:

With the Company Barometer you now have a quick and fun way to check on the mood of your team and company. This SuccessFactors feature lets you informally poll your team or company over an extended duration to get a pulse on the little things that can make or break a workday.


How do you use the Company Barometer?

The Company Barometer is small space on your Home page that shows an ever-changing array of featured questions that you can answer by clicking on a slider. The slider shows a range of answers, from negative to positive, and you can drag the slider to match your current mood.

You can answer the questions over and over again, changing your answer to suit your current mood. Your answers, along with the answers from your fellow employees, are tracked for trends so your company can use the data to make changes or address issues. The questions can be as general as: How motivated are you in your job? Or, Would you refer a friend to work in this company?

Or you might see more specific questions, like: How do you like the new fitness center? Or, How do you feel about the recent changes in benefits?

After answering the question, you can see the results on the Barometer page, if you have permission to do so. For example, as a manager, you might get to see the results from your team.


Where do the questions come from?

Your Administrator gets to create the questions that

see on the Company Barometer, determine how frequently those questions change, and pick answer icons that show up on the answer slider. Your Administrator can also set the permissions that allow you to see the results.


Use cases

1. Home Page View

User views barometer widget, a small slider on the home page. User can view the configurable question. User can view the rating scale icons over the appropriate points in the slider. If the user has not yet responded, the user’s response will be Not Rated. If the user has previously responded, the user’s last response will be displayed in the slider. User can slide the slider to change response.

2. Full Page View

User views a 2 part widget. On the right is the user’s own slider. If the user has permission to view barometer results, the employee will also see a meter on the left.

The meter has a display toggle with 3 options for viewing - barometer, statistics, and trend. The meter also has a toggle with 3 options for display – My Team, My Peers, and All. My Team and My Peers views are not available in the Trend view. The user sees the number of employees that have responded and the total number of employees in the group.

If the user has permission to view team details, then the user can click on the team details button. The team details button displays each team member with rating and rating icon.

3. Administrator View

Administrator is able to define the question included in barometer. Questions are stored in the question library. Administrator is able to predefine standard responses and associate icons from library with responses.

Administrator is able to define which parts of the organization are able to participate, allowing administrator to open or close barometer for any part of the organization for any period. Participate, view results, and team detail view are 3 separate permissions under barometer.


Typical Usage Experience

1. Home Page View

User can interact with the barometer on the home page. User can click button to access drill down view and/or additional barometer questions.

2. Drill Down View

Drill down view includes participation, reporting, and detailed reporting views.

3. Drill Down – Stats View

Stats view displays distribution of responses in Reporting dialogue.

4. Drill Down – My Team’s Responses

If the user has detailed reporting permission, then the Team button will appear in the upper right of the drill down view. When the user clicks on team, each of the user’s direct reports and their current response to the barometer question will appear in the My Team’s Responses view.

5. Close a Question

The administrator may close a question at any time by removing participation permission for all users. This is most easily done in the manage permissions by group dialogue.

6. Drill Down – View Closed Question

When a question has been closed for participation, there may still be a need to view historical information. Only the trend view will be available, as no one can participate in the question. My Team will have no responses because the team members no longer have a “current” response.


Additional Notes:

1. When a question has been closed for participation, there may still be a need to view historical information. Only the trend view will be available, as no one can participate in the question. My Team will have no responses because the team members no longer have a "current" response.

2. It is possible to have more than one question open at the same time, for the same user. In this case the user will see a View Additional Questions button instead of the View Details button in the home page widget. In the Details Screen, the user will see all open Barometer questions.


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