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2087436 - Company ID: Changing Your Company ID - BizX Platform


  • Can we change our companyID / instanceID/company name?
  • When would a company change the ID? Most often when a company is acquired, merges or for other business reasons.
  • This is not a typical need, but if a company changes its name or has some reorganization, then at times the old Instance ID no longer reflects the new organization.


SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite


  • The SuccessFactors application does allow for the change to your company ID. However due to the many integration points that each instance may have, it is not always easy or practical for some clients.
  • The Company ID is used when logging in, and is also shown in the URL in some bookmarks, so updating it can require internal communications so that users know the new company id/instance id.


  1. Open a case with Customer Support for initial evaluation
  2. Customer Support will complete if possible or determine if a PS engagement is required. It does not require a change request form. Time to complete will depend on the complexities of your instance and how many integration points exist. All clients should plan 3-4 weeks at least. It may be much sooner than this if no configuration changes are required. It could take considerably longer if you have full suite and many complex integration points that require professional services
  3. Customer’s must request name changes directly to SF via e-mail or letter. This must include the old company name along with the new and include their complete ship-to, bill-to addresses + contact information (name and e-mail address as a minimum). Clients should send emails to: accountsReceivable; 


  • If Customer Support is able to perform the work there will be no costs
  • If Professional Services are required then costs will be determined

Client is Responsible For

  • Opening case with Customer Support
  • Provide new instance ID - The character limit for Company ID’s is 13 characters or less – (no spaces or special characters)
  • Notify their users of new Instance ID if required to login
  • Access Links: If your company has published links to the BizX application these likley contain the old company ID in the link and may need to be updated.
  • End Users with Bookmarks: Any user with a bookmark will need to delete their old bookmarks that uad the old company ID varibale and save new bookmarks.

  • SSO: For SSO clients it will require you change any reference you may have setup on your end that refers to the old Instance ID. This is especially critical with SAML2.0 where the companyID is part of the several parameters.
  • FTP: The instance id is part of the ftp credentials and often ftp filenames. You do not need to change this but it may become confusing to continue referring to the old names. CS will need to file an Operations Task to rename the id and directories for ftp.
  • Will the LMS urls/instance names change? If so there are links that need to be modified in Provisioning. Open a case with LMS if necessary.
  • Are you a Recruiting customer? There are many external interfaces that have links to the instance and career sites. Check EQuest, JobVite, Verifications, Inc., etc. You will need to open a case to have a Recruiting specialist help you with this conversion.
  • Form Links: If you have hard coded links in your forms or in templates, (this is not typical) these will not be updated in the regular process of changing ID's. CS may be able to update live PM forms however you will need to submit a CCOR to update templates going forward, or modify yourself via OneAdmin.
  • Email: Will your company be changing its email domain? Update user data via regular user imports.Notify support if you also need email addresses changed in your automated jobs.
  • JAM: Migrating any Jam content into a new Jam instance
  • Company Logo: If you are also changing your logo, you should wait until the companyID has been changed before uploading the new file.


  • WFA / ORD : WFA use the Company ID as identifier and for each SSO user's integration. If you change the company ID, your existing WFA instance won't be available anymore and all users access / queries will be lost.  We recommend you to download all reports using transfer report functionality (ORD Admin)  and to also download all  users from (ORD ADMIN) "User maintenance". Be aware that Customer support will not be responsible for issues related to broken reports or user access lost once the company ID has been renamed. However, we will re-establish the connection between your new company ID and your existing WFA instance.

  • ODS : ODS use company ID as identifier. ODS will need to be re-implemented. If you decide to change the company ID, this will be considered as a new implementation.  

 WARNING - If you have Recruting Module you can rename your company id during the implementation cycle and before going live, it is not recommended after going live as data can be lost.

SuccessFactors is Responsible For

  • Evaluating the request and determining if this can be reasonably completed via Customer Support or if it needs a professional Services engagement. (CS)
  • Assist the client with opening the required cases with the right CS teams when multiple modules need updating (this might be an indication a PS project may be needed)
  • Evaluate if the Instance ID client provides is still available, valid, and can be used by the client. (CS)
  • FTP/Quartz: CS to Evaluate Quartz jobs and determine if import or output files need updating with new instance name and update. Check if email addresses need updating also.
  • Check Single Sender, Single Recipient, CC settings in Provisioning. 


  • Jam integration: Warning! Changing your company ID will likely result in a loss of historical Jam data and is considered a major impact!
  • SuccessFactors does not offer services at this time to copy your data into the new Jam instance.
  • There is no automated migration option for Jam.
  • A new jam instance has to be physically created.
  • Content from the old Jam group will need to be manually copied into the new Jam instance once created.


  • WFA integration : Warning! Changing your company ID will impact existing users / reports and WFA integration and is considered a major impact!

  • Each user will have a new access in ORD loosing their existing configuration and reports.
  • ODS instance will need to be re-implemented from scratch.
  • SuccessFactors will re-etablish the connection between your new company ID and your existing WFA instance.
  • SuccessFactors advise you to back-up your reports and users (using ORD admin before to renamme your instance.
  • SuccessFactors will not be responsible to reconfigure each Schedule jobs set-up in Report distributor. Each bundle using recipients need to be recreated as the users attached as recipient are no longer valid.
  • SuccessFactors will not be responsible to fix queries and reports due to the company ID changed. You might need to re-upload your reports in your instance. 

Please note: If you are SF partner and have provisioning access you can make this change, but only do if the instance is new\empty and has no setup\integrations in place.


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