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  • This article reviews Attachment support. Bulk file uploads. Uploading files in bulk
  • Attachment Support in Employee Profile
  • Attachment Support in All Modules
  • Why do I get the error that the maximum file size is 1024kb?
  • What is the maximum file size we can upload?
  • What type of files can I attach to employee profile?
  • How do we upload files in bulk?


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite


The SuccessFactors Application supports supports attachments in a number of modules. For example, Recruiting, Employee Central and Employee Profile. In Employee Profile we store it in background elements, so customers can store electronic documents related to an employee in this employee's employee profile.


General Considerations:

  • While additional fees are not typical for this, there maybe fees associated with Total Storage limit for some clients on older contracts. Please speak with your sales rep for pricing details.
  • Some modules, such as SAP Jam may at this time impose additional storage costs, depending on each clients subscription. While in general we say costs do not apply, there are exceptions to this.
  • Each background element can have one field of type=attachment
  • Each row of background element can only have one attachment. To have multiple attachments in a row, you will need to create multiple rows.

The following file formats are supported:

  • Microsoft Office documents
  • HTML
  • Text
  • PDF file
  • Word Doc
  • PowerPoint

The newly added attachment field shares the same characteristic as existing background element fields, including:

  • One can only define the permission at element level, not at field level
  • One can specify whether this field is read-only / mandatory
  • Standard file size is 1024KB. It can be reconfigured to a max 10MB.


Attachment Storage Allocation

How much storage do we get? Each client purchases the service per-seat. There is no limit to the actual storage imposed on the instance as of 2011. If the system is giving an alert that you have exceeded your storage limit, then please contact Customer Success and we can adjust your current settings on the back end.

To view how much of the current storage allocation has been used go to admin tools > Managing Documents > File Storage Management.

Note: Some modules and subscriptions may have storage costs. When a company only purchases a specific module (such as JAM) they may have entered into a contract that includes storage costs, so please consult with your Sales Account Manager if in doubt as to costs for your subscription.

An attachment field can have the following attributes:

  • required - determine whether this field is mandatory
  • File-format - determine what file extension is allowed. For example, if only pdf file is allowed, then the value is pdf. If not specified, all supported file format can be uploaded.
  • max-file-size-KB - determine the max size of the file that can be uploaded for this file. The max-file-size has to be smaller than the size specified by "Attachment max file size" as defined in the clients provisioning.
  • document-type-id - allows customer to classify uploaded documents for easy search. For example, customer can do a search on all the document of type "Classification", in this case, any document with type-id = Classification will be returned. Right now the value of document-type can be anything. This attribute is optional, if not specified, system just considers this document not classified.


Permission for an attachment field is the same as the permission for other fields in background element. The permission is set at element level, not at field level.

Import and Bulk Uploading of Files

  • We do provide an option via Customer Success to bulk upload documents. Please contact us for details. The uploading of documents via admin tools is not currently supported.
    Note: Import for background elements is always a full import, meaning that all the existing data will be wiped out. The same applies to background element with attachments. Doing an import for background element with attachment will remove all the existing attachments. Enhancement is being scheduled to remove this limitation and eventually support batch upload for attachments.
  • SuccessFactors does offer bulk imports. Please open a case with Customer Success if you would like to have SuccessFactors import a large number of attachment files.




  • Prepare the file you will use to perform the bulk uploads.  The file should be a zip folder containing all the files to be uploaded as well as a .csv file that maps the files to users. Here is what the csv file might look like:


































  • The total size of the zip file can’t exceed 2 GB


The "My Employee File" attachments are handled by the Admin Tools option File Storage Management under the Managing Documents heading. This feature has a graphic display of total storage capacity plus the ability to list all files or filter a list to look at only files of a certain type or age. There is a feature that allows for export to your local storage. The export option creates a zip file of all selected documents.



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