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2087406 - Limit to Manager Only or Extend to Others - Enable display of all forms but self - Stack Ranker


  • This explains how to limit stack ranker to just direct managers only. Or to extend the stack ranker so a person can stack rank everyone they have forms for using Enable display of all forms but self.


  • Stack Ranker


  • By default stack ranker is designed for managers to rank their direct reports only, so typically it is setup so that only direct managers can rank their employees. There is an option to stack rank others you have forms for.
    You have the ability to expand who you can stack rank against from just your direct reports to  everyone you have a form for. This means if you have someone’s form they will show up when you open up the Stack Ranker. As with the other item, this will also impact all forms regardless of creation date.
  • To enable the ability to see everyone (more than just your direct reports) on the Stack Ranker page please contact Customer Support.
  • Support will enable this via Provisioning > Company Settings > Stack Ranker - Enable display of all forms but self to turn this on. The default behavior is for direct reports only.
  • You must however grant write permission to alter the item-ratings for all those a person is going to stack rank. If for example in the PM process you have HR as a step, but in that step you blocked HR from being able to change the item-ratings, you cannot now send all the forms to the HR person in a future step and expect they can now stack rank the same people. Therefore for anyone to be able to use stack ranker, you must have item-rating permissions for everyone in that group. If not you will see the message “You do not have permission to rank these users”.
  • From Team Overview: A Team Rater button will show in PMv12 Team Overview. As team overview can include people other than direct reports, you need WRITE permission to the (competency) item-rating to be able to open and stack rank others.

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  • Note: The form needs to be in-progress (not in signature or completed) and in the inbox of the ranker for them to be able modify the competency item-rating. If it is not then as you can see above with Vik Stokes, that user will be grayed out where you cannot modify the ratings for that person.


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