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2087337 - Archive and Print: How to Create an Archive, Retrieve an Archive, Print Documents - BizX Platform


  • To use this feature it must first be activated for your company instance by SuccessFactors. It also requires that you have been granted Classic Reporting under the Reports tab (Analytics) by your administrator.


• System/Platform

• Available for PMv11 or PMv12 Acceleration


Archive & Print: You have the option to archive items for individuals. To do so, go to Reports > Archive and Print and select the Select by Individuals option to see the appropriate filter options. Then continue the process as usual.

To create a new Batch Archive or access and print an existing archive:

  1. Go to Dashboards > Analytics > Classic Reporting
  2. Click Archive & Print
    1. You will now see a list of any existing archives that you can access to review or print
    2. To view or print a document, click the link for the archive. Download the archive to your desktop. Extract the PDF’s you require for printing or viewing.
  3. To create a new archive click Create New button. You may create archives of the following types.
    1. Live Profile Archive
    2. Employee Scorecard Archive
    3. Document Archive
  4. When creating an archive you have various options to define what will be included in your archive. Following is some detail on those options.
  5. For Document Archive: First choose an archive name, then select the document you want to archive, then pick a date range, then choose which employees to include, and then select archive format.
    You also have the option to exclude certain sections from the printed pdfs. For example, if you do not wish to print a Matrix Grid (9 Box) that was otherwise hidden to users you could click the "Customize Display Options" to open a popup that will provide a list of checkboxes
    Default display options will be used to generate the archive.
    Optional:  Customize Display Options
    Click "Create Archive" when you are done.
    Deselect the checkboxes for the sections you do not wish to print. HINT: Try some test examples with just a few forms to see how the printout will be affected by deselecting sections before archiving large batches.
  6. To Create Batch Archive for Live Profiles
    1. First choose an archive name, then choose which employees to include, and then select archive format. Click "Create Archive" when you are done.
  7. To archive employee scorecards. First choose an archive name, then choose which employees to include, and then select archive format. Click "Create Archive" when you are done.
  8. Create a Dynamic Group you can then use the Dynamic Group to create the batch in Archive and Print if you need to run Archive and Print batch for a number of users but they are not selectable using the filters. When using the filters to create the list for the batch you are not able to edit the list and add or remove anyone.

  Additional Information:

Archive & Print enables users to archive or print large quantities of documents. Archive & Print is useful for anyone who wants to locally store copies of review forms for auditing records or who wants to print a large number of forms quickly.

  1. The system creates PDF copies of forms.
  2. The original forms are not removed.
  3. Once you submit request it will be scheduled for archive.
    1. a.Return to Classic Reporting > Archive & Print once notified job is completed.
    2. b.Download and save to a local network to store indefinitely as the system automatically removes completed archives after 7 days.
  4. Single PDF file or individual PDF files?
    1. Individual PDF’s will provide most flexibility if you will need to email/print specific forms. It also makes it easier to find copies for specific individuals.
    2. A large individual PDF may be problematic if you attempt to email it, as your email system (or the recipients) may have file size limitations.
    3. Single PDF may be easier to manager if you only need to print all forms.
  5. If you are still not able to find the form you are looking for, it may be in a "Deleted" status.  Change the status flag to Deleted and run the search again.


  • Single PDFs must not exceed 20MB in size. You may need to limit search parameters and run multiple batches.
  • No batch archive may exceed 4000 documents. When you exceed the number of allowable documents to archive in a single batch you will receive the following notification alert: 'The number of forms matching your search criteria exceeds the current allowed limit.' To work around this limitation you would simply decrease the size of the current archive using the filter options. We suggest limiting the archive to a specific division, department or location.


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