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2087312 - Route Maps - Modify Form Route Map for Live Forms - Performance Management


  • How do I change the workflow of a specific live document?
  • Can We Modify Route Map for Multiple Live Forms?
  • Shows how to change the settings such as due date and auto route options on your live forms.


  • Performance Management


Note: this solution is for modifying the route map step dates and NOT the form dates, Due date, Start Date, End Date. If you want to change the form Start, Due or End date please refer to: KBA 2076600 - Manage Templates - Change Live Document Dates - Form Start, End & Due Date Changes

Modify Document Route Map: (for a single document)

  • For some reason you need to alter the route map of a specific form so that it is handled differently than the route map assigned originally directed. You do not wish to alter the route map of any other forms, so do not wish to alter the main route map, just the steps that a specific form will take.
  • You can also use a wizard to walk you through the changes, if you want a structured editing path. To use this tool, go to Admin Center > Manage Forms by User > Modify Document Route Map.

To modify a document route map, follow these three steps:

Step 1

  1. Click on Admin Center from the Home dropdown
  2. Under Manage Forms by User, select the 'Modify Form Route Map' link
  3. Enter document ID
  4. Click 'Find Document' button

Step 2: This menu allows you to 'Add a Modify Step' in the route Map and/or also 'Add a Signature Step', as well as DELETE a step.
Step 3: Click 'Save Map'


Modify Route Map for Multiple Forms:

You can update the route map for multiple forms all at once. This option is useful during the middle of a review cycle when you want to update dates because they’ll be missed or you want to add or delete a future step. With this option, you can easily search for the forms you want by subject or form templates and make the change to the associated route map.

To use this option, go to Admin Center> Manage Forms by User > Modify Form Route Map. (PLT-13231)

  1. Go to Modify Form Route Map as directed above
  2. Search by: Form Template
  3. Click Select to specify a template, then click Done/Finished
  4. Click Select a Group of Forms.
  5. Choose the group of forms you want to work with, then Done/Finished
    1. Optional:
    • you can also select which forms within the group based on their current route step.
    • More options... brings you to further filtering if you want to target only a specific subset, such as a specifc user, or a department, etc... 
  6. Click Search
  7. Tick the box next to "Select all [x] documents in search results", then Next
    1. Modify Forms by Route Map - Select all documents.PNG
  8. Choose which option you'd like to take, then click Next
    1. Modify Forms by Route Map - Select an Action.PNG
    • Common options include text based attributes, dates and auto-route options. You  will be able to modify common options, all other configurations will be read-only
    • Change step types and permissions: When selecting to change the step type and permission, you must select a step.  The application will then preview the # of forms that will be impacted.
      • NOTE: When modifying the Step Type, Step ID or Permission, you will only be able to update the step you selected.  
    • Add a Step: When selecting to add a step, you can add up to one Modification, Signature or Evaluation step.  
    • Remove a Step: When selecting to remove a step, you must select the step you wish to remove.  The application will tell you how many forms will be impacted.If the user selects less than 300 forms, the system will process the update in real time.

If the user selects over 300 forms, the system will process the update asynchronously. The user will receive an email regarding the outcome.

There is a max limit of 5000 forms at a time (as at b1602);

    1. Alert! This upper limit can be impacted depending on size and complexity of your forms which increase the total job size, and reducing the total number you can process at once.
    2. One approach is to select smaller batches if your updates timeout or fail. For example try batches of 500.
  1. Note: This option is only available for forms mass-created after July 22, 2011
  2. Forms will only be part of a group if they meet specific requirements. Please refer to the following KBA: Admin Tools: Document Routing - Mass Route - Merge Form Batches - Regrouping Individual Forms


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