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  • This article goes over the latest version of Admin Tools and its many features (sometimes referred to as OneAdmin).  
  • What is Admin Tools Self Service?
  • How to enable the latest version of Admin Tools?


  • BizX Platform


What is Admin Tools?

  • Our next generation Admin Tools combines your need for flexibility and options with an all-new, simpler, well-organized, intuitive Admin Home page to do the job. This means you'll spend less time administering and more time getting value out of SuccessFactors.
    Watch a video for a demonstration of the new Admin Tools features!


You can do more!

  • The latest version includes all of the features and options you're used to, along with new tools that let you do more yourself. Empowering tools such as Template Designer let you update form templates all by yourself. No more calling us and getting in line to get your changes in. And when you're done, you can use the new tool that makes launching forms easier to manage, too. Other tools you already know and love, like Route Map Designer and Employee Import or Export, got makeovers and are now even more intuitive.


Better organization

  • The Admin Home page is easy to get around. Process tools are bundled together, so you'll now be able to find all the tools you need to manage a Performance Review in one place. Same goes if you're managing a Compensation cycle—everything you need is in a single spot. People tools are bundled together, too, making it easier to focus on your employees. And, as an extra-special treat, you can now create Favorites shortcut links to your most frequently used tools. All Favorites are bundled together and prominently displayed on the page. Personalizing Admin Tools for your needs has never been easier.


Advanced Configuration Options

You can perform advanced template changes using this powerful tool. This eliminates most of the need to engage support for changes. > Manage Templates Advanced Options


The home page is divided into 5 sections, or portlets:

1. Company Processes & Cycles, for configuring your system and launching processes such as Annual
Reviews. Click the icons to see links related to that process.

2. Manage Employees, for updating all things related to users, such as employee data, passwords,
permissions, and user forms.

3. My Favorites, where you can save links to tools that you use frequently. Just click the star next to a link
when you hover over it and it will be added to the My Favorites portlet.

4. Resources & Materials, with links to documentation, the Customer Community, and other helpful

5. News & Updates, which the SuccessFactors team will periodically update with useful company and
industry information. Inside these portlets you should find all the tools you’ve used before in the old admin pages. Many of the tools will be virtually unchanged and familiar to you. Some of the tools have been upgraded with minor enhancements, a few have been significantly overhauled, and some will be new to you. Below are some highlights of the new categories and tools to get you oriented.


How do we enable Latest Version?

  • Please open a support ticket with Customer Success to enable this feature in Provisioning > Company Settings >  Admin 2.0 checkbox (after v1109 release will be called Admin 2.0 (One Admin)). If you would like to be able to switch back and forth between the old Admin Tools and New Admin Tools, we can enable that via Provisioning > Company Settings > PE SefService > Allow user to switch back to old Admin Tools within Self Service (SPRAC ONLY)
  • There is no PS engagement required and a change request is not required. This can typically be completed within a few days.


Training Materials

  • You'll find many 2-Minute Tutorials peppered throughout Admin Tools to help you get familiar with new tools. And more tips and tricks are shown on each tool page itself, giving you the information you need when you need it. Some tools even come with wizards that step you through the entire process to make sure you get the results you want.
  • See also our Cloud Learning Center




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