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2087266 - Route Maps - Missing Step. A step has disappeared - Performance Management


  • The route map is not displayed as it should, steps are missing. It is as though someone deleted a step. This can be for some users, or all users.
  • There are various reasons when this might happen. Please see the list below and review your audit trails to determine which reason is most likely.


  • Performance Management


  1. Admin routed the form from Admin Tools > Manage Forms By User > Route Form > using the selection > Move the Form + Skip Step to Continue the Process.
    • When Skip Step to continue the process is used you are effectively telling the system not to include this step in the routing.
    • If you do want this step to be reflected in the routing then the admin should select "Move the form on behalf of.."
  2. For some reason the user has become inactive in the system, OR WAS inactive recently in the past (they may show as active today). The SuccessFactors Application will automatically skip any inactive user in a route map at the time the route map is created, during a manager change, or when routing, so while an employee may be set as active today, at the time of the routing they were inactive and therefore skipped in the current route map.
  3. Another possible cause is that a new managers being hired into the system via the user data import and the system saw the new manager as  inactive because the employee came before the new manager in the order of the employee import.
    • Solution: Add user(s) to the default user group, then route the existing route map to the correct steps
  4. The Manager only implementation check box was turned on for one or more user data imports, inactivating all non management users.
  5. The step owner has no "login" permission at RBP, hence the that user step will disappear. (See KBA 2410089 for more information)

You can usually correct any issues like this by routing the form back using Admin Tools > Manage Forms By User > Route Form. If your user is active you will see the route map correct itself. You may need to route it back to a step prior to the one that had the issue.


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