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2087186 - Admin Tools: Manage Template Settings - Localizing using Message Keys - msgKey - BizX Platform


  • What is msgKey and how is it used in a localized template?


  • BizX Platform


  • Available from Admin Tools > Select Module > Manage Templates > Select a template > Edit Fields and Settings.
  • You  have multiple languages you will want to "localize" your templates to include labels for each field in each language.
    Localizing your template is now supported via Admin Tools as of B1402. For clients not wanting to do this themselves via admin tools they only other option is they engage via PS or a Partner for a paid engagement to do this for them.
    Note: Currently as of B1402 build forms launched using message keys cannot be updated using our live form config tool! It is very important therefore when using msgkeys that you perform thorough testing before launching to end users, understanding that if there are errors in your configuration, these cannot be fixed and will require that you delete and relaunch new forms, or use the forms with the misconfig.
  • Client must be on PMv12 and using advanced configuration tool.
  • Administrators can use this option to configure different languages for PMV12 forms, previously only available in the XML configuration.
  • This means less reliance on PS and CS to assist in the configuration of PM v12 forms.
  • PMv11 templates will require a paid engagement.

       A msgKey (Message Key) allows you to define localized labels at the field level on form templates.

  • You should use a unique msgKey value for each chunk of text.
  • Once the msgKey is in place, the translations are managed from Admin Tools.  (Admin Tools > Form Template Administration > Manage Form Label Translations).
  • Creating a new template to support msgKeys typically requires a paid Professional Services engagement.
  • If you are having any issues with localization when using Self-Service please open a support ticket for further investigation.
  • If you change the label translation of a message key (i.e. "Employee Instructions" to "Employee Directions"), but leave the message key XML code in the template as-is, the change applies to already-launched, in-progress forms and any forms created from that point on. The change DOES NOT affect completed forms.
  • Images cannot be implemented in message keys. 

Updating Live Forms

   Message Keys. You cannot update message key for live forms. The form localization attribute msgKey is not supported via dynamic forms.

Updating Importing and Exporting Your Labels

   Please refer to the following solution for information on how to update your labels: > Manage Form Label Translations, Importing Exporting Form Label Translations

msgKey for mapto-desc value

We don’t support msgKey attribute with mapto-desc element. To achieve localization, following kind of configuration is needed –





          <mapto-desc><![CDATA[Insufficient performance]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="de_DE"><![CDATA[Unzureichende Leistung]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="en_GB"><![CDATA[Insufficient performance]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Insufficient performance]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="es_ES"><![CDATA[Desempeño Insuficiente]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="fr_FR"><![CDATA[Performance insuffisante]]></mapto-desc>

          <mapto-desc lang="pt_BR"><![CDATA[Desempenho insuficiente]]></mapto-desc>



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