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  • Modular Level Help.
  • Revolution modules have dedicated Help & Tutorials pages where you can create online custom information portals for any module. The information in these pages are 100% controlled and managed by you (the Admin) so you can change the content as frequently as you like and publish it again immediately.
    What permissions are required for Handout Builder?


  • BizX Platform


How can you use the Help & Tutorials pages?

   You can use this page to display any information about your company processes, company culture, and talent management guidelines that you might post on a corporate intranet or send out by email. You can now deliver the information to your employees where they need it most—in SuccessFactors when your employees are already logged in and using SuccessFactors. You can:

  • create a corporate training homepage
  • provide handy shortcuts to forms and articles on your intranet or shared network
  • save duplication effort and create a resource library by posting links to webinars, tutorial videos, and other recorded information
  • link to professional social networking articles and resources
  • create schedules, contact lists, directories, guidelines, and checklists
  • post announcements and important messages that change frequently.

How do the Help & Tutorials pages work?

  • You, as the Admin, have completely control on these pages and can determine what information to show and when to show it. Each module has its own Help & Tutorials page, and each work separately from each other. This means you can put different information on different pages and decide to show one of the pages now and show another page later. The Help & Tutorials pages show up as subtabs under the main module page.

    The left side of the page holds the Editing Window, where you can type or copy-and-paste in your content, format it, and save it. Then when you enable the page for your employees, they’ll see the information you just created.


Admin Only Content

  • Currently the right side and middle column of the page is dedicated to SuccessFactors product information for administrators. There are multiple categories of information, and you can decide which categories to display to your employees. The information displays in the integrated Reading Window on the Help & Tutorials page. This section will remain invisible to your employees until the content is rolled out.

    Additionally, you can publish ready-to-use QuickStart Handouts to the special Help & Tutorials page under the Performance tab. [Note other tabs do not currently have this capability]


How do you get the Help & Tutorials pages?

  • The Help & Tutorials pages are automatically available to all Admins, and will always be accessible by Admins.
  • Help & Tutorials pages have to be set up separately for all languages enabled in your instance. Login as an administrator with admin permissions. When you click on the sub tab you will see: Help & Tutorials "This page is currently enabled/disabled for all users." (You are seeing this because you are an administrator.)
    In the section directly below this you will see the icon that indicates this area may be edited. It looks like a little pencil in a box.
    When you click on this you will see:
  • Change Language.
  • And directly below that a drop down that lists all of the languages available for your instance. If you want the same content for other languages.
  • Select all in the current version and copy.
  • Change to the desired language and paste the content.
  • Click on the save button.

    Now when a user with their default locale set to that language logs in they will be able to see the content you have created. You will need to do this for all languages. If you are not able to translate the entire content you may want to have English for all or put a note in the selected language that content is not available.

          You can set up customized help for every module that displays the Help & Tutorials sub tab. For more information about these pages, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success.

How do you change the Handouts?
  • Admin Tools > Handout Builder
  • Save a Master Handout to My Handouts
  • Edit copy in My Handouts
  • Check Publish to make available to users


Handout Builder Permissions

  • To be able to access the Handout Builder feature in admin tools, a person must be granted full access to "System Properties" under Admin Tools > Administrative Privileges. You must see green checkmark for System Properties. if you only grant the user to some of the System Properties options and not all, then they will not have permission to Handout Builder and will be redirected to the homepage upon clicking the Handout Builder link in admin tools.



  • The 3 portals on the H&T pages are only seen by the Admin today and no one else.
  • There's no way to disable them for the Admin because we want the Admin to be able to manage these portals for their users.
  • These portals are designed to show SF-provided help information and cannot be customized.
  • Admin's can pick which portals to show/hide to their users.
  • They can choose to shown none at all. 
  • You can't rename the QuickStarts and Handout portal. This is designed to pull in the custom handouts you create using the Handout Builder. If no handouts have been created or published, this portal remains blank and can't be seen by users. But the Admin can always see it.
  • The rightmost panel cannot be disabled as it is the Reading Window. It works in conjunction with the links and content from the middle portals. For example, when you click a link in one of the middle portals (say Reference) the content displays on the rightmost panel.


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