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2086666 - End-of-Life Notice for Goal Imports (legacy)


Feature Name: Goal Imports (Legacy)

EOL Date: B1402 - Feb 21014 release

Module: Admin tools + GM

UI Version(s): [ v10, v11, v12]

Page Feature is On/Click Path: Admin tools > Objective Management > Goal Import

Enable/Disable Switch: No

Automatically Disabled – YES

Disabled by: [ Automatically via B1305 release ]

Configuration Required: None

Required to Disable: [ no action ]

Estimated Time/Effort: [ none ]

Costs Involved: [ None ]

Description of Feature: This was a legacy goal import feature that allowed admins to import goals via a csv file. New "Beta Goal Imports" replaces this and has expanded functionality.

Important Note about Goal Import and Beta Goal Import

[From Feb 2013 Release Notes]

We want to let you know about some changes coming to these tools. We will no longer support Goal Import, the original import tool. Instead, we will replace it with the full-featured Beta Goal Import tool. To reinforce that we now have a single import tool, Beta Goal Import will be renamed Goal Import. If you’re still using the original Goal Import or have questions about this change, please contact SuccessFactors Customer Success.


For people using the old Goal Import now replaced by beta goal import they will no longer use the old goal import file but the stand-alone plan association feature via Admin Tools > Import/Export user and goal plan permission association


Admin Only Feature: Yes

Impact to End Users: None

Replaced by: Beta Goal Imports via GM - Goal Imports



Disclaimer: To avoid unnecessary disruption to functionality & live processes SuccessFactors strongly recommends clients plan diligently to discontinue use of, and move off all features that have reached or are nearing end-of-life, or where a recommended replacement has already been released. Features that are past end-of-life date are no longer supported by our release QA cycles, engineering, or support groups. Should a client be using the feature past this date and the feature breaks, loses partial or total functionality SuccessFactors is not responsible for developing a product fix. The client’s only option at that time will be to migrate immediately to the recommended feature replacement or discontinue use of the option. This could seriously put in jeopardy in-progress forms, data, and processes. =======================================================================


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