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2086640 - Route Maps - Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager - and how to send ones that failed - Performance Management


  • The SuccessFactors application enables users to "Send Copy" of completed documents to new managers automatically when a manager transfer occurs using the template option and import setting Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager.
    Automatic Completed Document Transfer to New Manager
    • Reason: Move all completed documents about the employee to the new manager's Completed folder.
    • Note! This sends a copy only of the completed document to the new manager.
    • The old manager will retain the original completed version.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


This feature is dynamic and will apply to live forms if they have NOT YET reached the completed stage.

  1. Go to > Admin Tools > Performance Management > Manage Templates > Select the template>  Advanced Settings >


Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager

  1. Make sure your template has this option selected if you need an import to cause the system to send a copy on import.
  2. If you are using FTP imports then also make sure your FTP job has also been setup with Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager enabled.
  3. If you are doing a manual import you also need to make sure you select this option in your import settings at the time you do the import.
  • If you do not have all these options enabled then the completed copy will NOT take place.
  • If it fails then it is not possible to redo it, as the manager of record has changed, therefore repeating the same import will not trigger the send event.
  • Typically the old manager will now need to use the Send Copy button in their copy of the form to send a copy to the new manager if that did not happen automatically
  • Note: You may need to enable that button from the template settings. More info here..


How to Mass Send Copies to Managers

  • If you find a number of forms that did not automatically move as expected, and now want to perform a mass send of copies of completed documents to the new manager, then it is possible to accomplish via the following workaround. You will reverse the condition and repeat the action, basically tricking the system into performing the manager change and send completed action again.
  • 1. Manually do an import making the old manager the user’s manager again but MAKE SURE that you deselect/disable the transfer options in the import. 
    • Here you are just updating the employees manager back to the old manager (you could even use a temp person as it does not matter so much who this is)
    • We recommend you create a partial file upload and only include the employees and managers to fix
    • Do a full cycle test of just 1 or 2 users in the file before attempting on a full file.
  • 2. Then do another import, this time changing the managers back to current manager. This time make sure you do select all the transfer options you want to happen.
    • Here you are recreating the original transfer to the new manager
    • Again, test with just 1 or 2 users in a file first
    • Once you are happy with results then create a file that contains all the users you need to trigger the manager change and completed send copy for.



  • There is no other way to do this. Customer support will not be able to offer any customized options to do this from the back end due to complexities and risks to data.
  • The client is responsible for identifying the list of employees to update.
  • It is not possible for Customer Support to provide a report on who this might need to be done for since it’s just impossible for us to know who in your system would not have a copy for valid reasons.
  • The client is responsible for doing all the data imports and creating the import files!
  • Customer Support must not import any client data for them.
  • There is little risk when using this approach as it is leveraging standard functions to trigger a normal daily event. The only risk is if the client does not create a valid import file for the right employees and managers, and ensure they select the right transfer options at each step.


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