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2086636 - Goal Creation, Goal Delete and Goal Modification Email Notifications - Goal Management


  • This article reviews what actions with goals triggers emails and who is notified.
  • Who gets notification emails when a new goal is created or when a goal is deleted?
  • Who gets notification emails when an existing goal is modified?
  • Does it matter who makes the changes to the goal plan?


SuccessFactors Goal Management


There are three standard goal activity email notifications that are configurable for each goal plan.

1. Goal Creation Notification

  • This is triggered when a goal is created on the goal plan of one user (the "owner") by a different user.
  • Goals created by a user on their own goal plan do not trigger this notification.
  • This email is sent out immediately and cannot be batched.
  • It only goes to the owner of the goal plan (the employee).
  • Valid tokens for this message: [[OBJ_NAME]] [[OBJ_SENDER]] [[SIGNATURE]]

2. Goal Delete Notification

  • This is the same as the Goal Creation Notification.
  • It is triggered when a goal is deleted from a goal plan by a user who is not that goal plan's owner.
  • It is sent immediately to the owner and it cannot be batched.
  • Goal Plan: When a manager deletes a goal for someone on their team, the Delete Goal confirmation message displays the person’s first and last name to make it clearer whose goal is being removed. Previously, only the first name was displayed. (TGM-2890)
  • Valid tokens for this message: [[OBJ_NAME]] [[OBJ_SENDER]] [[SIGNATURE]]

3. Goal Modification Notification (daily)

  • This email notification is triggered when a public goal is created, modified, or deleted. (Creating and Deleting goals are a form of modification)
  • It can be sent to either the owner of the goal plan (the employee -E) or the owner's manager (the employee's manager - EM).
  • This email is sent to the owner if the goal is modified by someone else, and it is sent to the owner's manager if the goal is modified by someone other than the manager.
  • It is always batched and sent out daily.
  • The Goal Modification email is different from "Goal Creation" and "Goal Delete" - it will go to the manager as well as the employee and it is always batched.
  • Goal Modification Notification messages are sent every 24 hours to the employee and to the manager if changes were made to public objectives on the employee's objective plan.
  • The message includes created, modified, and deleted objectives.
  • Users are not notified of changes they made themselves.
  • Valid tokens for this message: [[LAST_EMAIL_DATE]] [[GOAL_OWNER]] [[OBJ-PLAN-NAME]] [[OBJ_LIST]] [[SIGNATURE]]

NOTE: System tokens cannot be customized.  Tokens are specific to email notification templates.  Adding tokens to other templates may  not work as they are not supported.  Adding unsupported tokens to the subject header of email notification templates may stop the email from being triggered.

Managing Goal Email Notifications

The Goal Email notifications can be configured via Admin Center > E-Mail Notification Templates Settings

1. Enabling/Disabling Goal Notifications - Use checkboxes to turn email notifications on/off. Email notifications with a check next to them will be sent to users when the related actions occur. To enable or disable the goal notification for a specific goal plan, select Customize Settings for Goal Plans.

Be sure to click on "Save Notification Settings" to save any changes you make.

Add/Delete actions can cause email notification sending out immediately, as long as:

  • In Admin Center, the Goal Creation Notification or Goal Deletion Email notification is enabled, and corresponding users are enabled to receive email.
  • Modifier is not owner.

Here is strategy in SFScheduler:

The following conditions must be met for email notification to go out:

  1. The goal that the action is made to is public.
  2. The goal is on a Business or Development Goal plan.
  3. Actions including add/delete/modify will generate email notification as long as it is recorded in OBJ_AUDITTRAIL.

 Who will receive the notification email:

  1. If sender is not owner, owner is notified.
  2. If sender is not owner's manager, then manager is notified.

2. Send Notification for Private goals - If the applicable notification email is enabled and the user has permission to access the private goals, notifications will be sent.

To enable notification for Private goals, check the option Send notification for: Private in addition to public goal

3. Additional Configuration for Goal Modification Notification

Exclude Options: You now have the option to exclude email notifications for the following conditions:

  • Actions to linked goals
  • Unlinking an Objective
  • Actions to Cascaded Objectives - This will also disable notifications related to updates for Group Goals 2.0 push down fields.

This will help to reduce confusing notifications when changes are made to originating/linked goals, as opposed to any employee’s personal goals.

Allow notification to:

  • Exclude "user deletions" to objectives - The goal modification notification will not have any deletion information of the goals.
  • Include a manager's matrix report(s) - The manager will receive the notification about the objectives of the matrix reports.
  • Consolidate by employee - The manager will receive only one notification that consolidate all the notifications of the same goal plan of the employees.

For information on how to configure the Goal Modification Notification, see the following article: 2627410


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