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  • Competencies: Changing Status of Competencies
  • How do I apply filters to form templates to hide libraries or set exclusions?


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  • Goal Management
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Warning! Never delete a competency that has been used in the past from your libraries! Deleting competencies that have been used will lead to issues on historical forms. We recommend you never delete a competency but rather just hide ones you no longer use.


The SuccessFactors Application allows for templates to be configured with filter options to exclude competencies from specific libraries and or categories. Some examples are

  • For competency field in goals/development goals:
    • Excluding Hidden Competencies
      In your competency library you can set the status of a competency to "hidden". This will prevent it from being a selectable option in picklists. You can also add the following code to your form to block competencies set as hidden from populating automatically on a form
      <exclude type="hidden"/> <!-- exclude hidden competencies -->
    • Including an Entire Library
      You may have a need where you want to prevent competencies from a specific library from populating onto a specific form, and only including those from a specific library. You can add the following code to a form to accomplish this.
      <include type="library" match="[library name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified library -->
    • Restrict to a Specific Category
      Each competency in a library also has a Category element. This allows you to create many categories for different purposes and then add sections to your forms that will only populate competencies from that category.
      <include type="category" match="[category name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified category -->
    • Restrict to Category + Library
      You might have the same categories in multiple libraries, so the following option restricts both to a specific category within a specific library.
      <include type="category" match="[category name]" library="[library name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified category from specific library-->
    • Competencies on Development Plans
      For Development plans you can add filters to exclude competencies populating from historical forms. You can also add a filter to exclude a competency from populating from certain Families & Roles. Please see our solution that explains the additional filtering options that can apply for development plans.
  • For competency sections in PM forms:
    • To auto-populate by job code
      use-jobcode="true" in XML
    • To auto-populate by core competency
    • In Manage Templates
      a section can be set to support Core Competencies in the interface:
    • To restrict the competencies to one category
      <comp-category><![CDATA[insert category here]]></comp-category>
    • To allow the user to manually add competencies
    • Content Filters

Content filters are used to determine what types of content are included in the competency section. The content-filter attribute can contain values:

      • use-performance-profile: retrieve competencies and skill from performance profile
      • competency-type: type of compentency or skill: COMPETENCY, Skill Summary, Skill Responsibility, Skill Education,  Skill Certification, Skill Age Spec Care, Skill Physical Req, Skill Complexity, Skill Environment, Skill Protective Env.

Example: Using the content filter "competency-type" + "Skill Certification" will configure the form to display required skills or abilities, which are not the same as job responsibilities.

    <content-filter type="competency-type" use-sub-content="false">Skill Certification</content-filter>

    • Note: as of November 2013 (PMT-8800),  type="competency-source" has been confirmed as deprecated. Content filters works mainly for use with JDM and Performance Profile.


Please Note: Changing your template configurations is typically a Change Request (CCOR) and you should allow 30 days for development and extensive testing by your users before launching new processes to your end users.

See also solution on changing competency status.



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