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2086135 - Competencies - Linking Development Goals to Competencies - Career Development


  •  When you link to competencies the system by default is going to automatically list all from your libraries PLUS all that exist on any forms the people have, plus any you have hard coded to the plan.

    Therefore, if the same competency is in a library, plus it is also on a PM form the person has had in the past it, you will see both listed (to a user this looks like a duplicate and can lead to confusion). To change this please see below.


  • Career Development Planning


  • Your development goal plan can be linked to competencies in a variety of ways as described below. Changes to your current configuration will require that a change request is submitted. Please contact CustomerSuccess to have your goal plan reconfigured.


  • You can only have one "competency" field per development plan.
  • The field will list competencies that are (a) associated with the employee's job code and (b) added to forms about the employee.
  • New competencies added to a form are available as soon as the form is saved.
  • Note that it does not matter what library the competencies are in, or whether they are marked as hidden; they will be retrieved anyway.


Currently all competencies are listed and the user can select multiple competencies. Is it possible to limit this so that users can only select one competency?

  • Yes. Your development plan can be configured so that users can only select a single competency, preventing them from selecting multiple competencies. The competencies field will then use a drop-down list, instead of a list with checkboxes. Note: At this time you cannot use the single-select option for behaviors.


Why is it that some competencies on our forms are not populating on the development plan initially for some people?

  • Your forms may be using some hardcoded competencies. When you mass create forms with hardcoded competencies, those competencies are not saved to the necessary places within the system to be linked to employees until the form is routed to the next step. If this is the first time the competencies have been linked to the user, the development goals will not show these competencies until the form is routed. The best ways to work around this limitation are to push development goal setting to a later step in the routemap, or add those competencies to all roles related to the desired users.


Can we use behaviors instead of competencies?

  • Yes. Once reconfigured the user will see and be able to select the behaviors associated with the parent competency.


Can we exclude competencies populating from forms?

  • Yes. SuccessFactors can reconfigure your plan to exclude competency data pulled in from forms using <exclude type="forms"/> as shown below.


Can we exclude competencies populating from Families & Roles?

  • Yes. SuccessFactors can reconfigure your plan to exclude competency data pulled in from Families & Roles using <exclude type="roles"/> as shown below.


  • If you only want to include competencies from either forms or roles (not both), you can add a <competency-filters> tag that excludes one of those sources:

To exclude competencies from forms:

To exclude competencies from families & roles:




<exclude type="forms"/>


<field-definition ...




<exclude type="roles"/>


<field-definition ...


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