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2086134 - Adding Competencies to a Form - Performance Management


  • Information on how to manage competencies and best ways to populate competencies onto your forms.
  • How do competencies populate onto a form?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Your first action will be to create competencies in your competency libraries. Instruction on populating your library with content or using the default SuccessFactors Competency Library can be found here.

 The main way forms get onto a form

  1. Jobcode/Jobrole mapping
    1. The most common option is to map competencies to a persons jobcode. Then in the performance form you configure the section to populate based on job code. Go to Admin Center > Manage Templates > [Select your template] > Edit Fields and Sections > select the Competencies section> In the Section Type, select Job Specific. This job code mapping is managed via families & roles. More info..
  2. Matching Categories
    1. You can configure a competency section to automatically populate with all competencies you have within this category. This is often used for Core Competencies. (This should be used instead of hard-coding any competencies to your template.). This will require a configuration change in the template xml. Please engage with an SAP Partner for this type of configuration changes.
  3. Manually Adding
    1. You can configure a competency section with an Add Competency button so that users manually select and add competencies from your library. By default it will present them a popup list of competencies related to their jobcode/role. It will also allow them to switch to other competencies to choose from the entire library.
    2. You can also have the section prepopulate with some competencies using the above options plus enable the add competency button to allow users to add additional competencies to the section.
    3. Template tag to enable this is configurable=true
  4. Hard Coded Competencies or Custom Competencies 
    1. A common but not recommended option is to hard code specific competencies into the section of a form. We do not recommend this option as competencies between your test instance and production are typically different, so a hard coded one will break when copied to production.
    2. A better alternative to hard coding a specific competency is to add the competencies to a specific "Category" in your library. Then add a matching category filter to the section. See point number two.
    3. To add custom compentencies, please refer to this article 2436341 - Manage Templates - Custom Competency
    4. Note: Hard coded competencies are not supported in Gap Analysis reports.
  5. Excluding a Competency
    1. If you are trying to prevent certain competencies from populating on your forms please refer to this solution: Competencies: Excluding or Filtering Competencies on Form
  6. Hiding a Competency
    1. If you need to hide a competency from populating please change the status to Hidden.
      Never delete a competency from your library just because you do not need to use it this year. That will cause historical forms & reports to break.



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