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  • Competencies: Changing Status of Competencies
  • How do I hide a competency?
  • How do I change a competency from editable to hidden?
  • How do I make a competency read-only?
  • How do I apply filters to form templates to hide libraries or set exclusions?


SuccessFactors Performance Management


Warning! Never delete a competency that has been used in the past! Deleting competencies that have been used will lead to issues on historical forms, as well as have impacts on current forms and mapped jobcodes. We recommend you never delete a competency but rather just hide ones you no longer use. It will not be possible to restore a competency to original state once it is deleted.

  • If you delete competencies it cannot be undone
  • Broken live forms will need to be deleted and relaunched.
  • Historical forms and reports will break as now the master competency it was linked to is gone.
  • Support is unable to undo or fix these issues.


You can set the status of competencies you create in the SuccessFactors Application as read-only, editable, or hidden. To change a competency status go to Admin Tools > Competency Libraries

  • Here you will see a list of libraries showing which ones have competencies set as editable, read-only, hidden.
  • Select the library that contains the competencies to change
  • Check the boxes next to the competencies you want to change status of
  • Select Change Status and choose the status to set



  • Allows you to work freely with this competency or competency library. For example, you can add, modify, or remove any competency element.


  • Allows restricted access to work with this competency or competency library.

  • If this setting is applied to a competency, you can't make any changes to the competency. You can only view the existing content.

  • If this setting is applied to a competency library, you can't add or remove any individual competencies, but you can modify the competency elements, such as by adding job roles or creating competency categories.


  • Prevents the competency or competency library from being seen by your users in PerformanceManager.

  • You might want to use this setting if your company is only using some of the competencies in an existing competency library. You can hide the ones you aren't going to use.


The SuccessFactors Application allows for templates to be configured with filter options to exclude competencies from specific libraries and or categories. Some examples are

  • For competency field in development goals:
    • <exclude type="hidden"/> <!-- exclude hidden competencies -->
    • <include type="library" match="[library name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified library -->
    •  <include type="category" match="[category name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified category -->
    • <include type="category" match="[category name]" library="[library name]"/> <!-- include competencies in specified category from specific library-->

  Please Note:

  • Competencies set as Hidden in the library should not be seen anywhere in the application. (This does not apply to competencies already on someone's form.) If you have hidden a competency, and people are still able to select and add this on forms, please open a case with Support. (Again, hiding a competency in a library does not hide it if already added to someone's form/goal plan, it just prevents them from adding it in the future.)
  • You may not be able to edit SuccessFactors or Lominger competency libraries. Please open a case with Customer Success if the library is not your companies content and you do not see options required to make the desired changes.



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