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  • How to Use Instant Nominations - Formless Nominations
  • How do I hide current nominations?
  • Can I show number of hidden nominations?
  • Can I import successors?


  • Succession Management


How to Get Instant Nominations

  • To enable instant/formless nominations, please open a new case with SuccessFactors Support. They will work with you to configure your instance as well as explain the permissions the administrator will need to set to allow users to use instant nominations.


Advantages of this approach:

  • Easier/faster process for users (most actions require less than half the "clicks" of the form-based process)
  • Allows individual additions to & removals from succession plans
  • Better support for simultaneous changes to the same succession plan by different users
  • Support for a workflow that starts with the nominee instead of the incumbent
  • Simpler configuration for PS/CS and administrators
  • Note: Instant nominations presently work with position configuration combinations only.

    Instant nomination support for Role-based nominations is not planned at this time. (Future enhancements to pool-based succession planning, however, are expected to provide a superior alternative to role-based planning.)



  • Find Successors…: The "Find Successors" menu item on the org chart triggers a nomination wizard, not a form. The nomination wizard initiated by the “Find Successors” command adds successors to the position by name or via the talent search). The user can compare the new nominee with the other current successors, and sets readiness and enters notes on the last step:
  • Current Nominations in org chart QuickCard: If enabled the succession org chart QuickCard shows a portlet listing that employee's current nominations.
  • Add nomination wizard: The current nominations portlet includes an "Add" link which will launch a wizard to find a position to nominate the employee to.
  • Succession History: The org chart menu adds a "Succession History" option, which shows a complete history of the nominees considered for that position. All changes—new nominations, readiness changes, and removals—are recorded as new lines in the succession history. You now have the option to hide succession history prior to a given date from displaying in the nomination history page. After you select the date, all nomination information before the date will be hidden in the nomination history page. This option only affects the nomination history page; the complete nomination information may still be seen on the organization chart.
  • To use this option, go to Admin > Succession Management. Notice that there's a new link called Nomination Setup. Click the link and select the date that you want. Save your work and now nomination history pages will only display nominations that came after the date. This feature is applicable to Instant Nominations only. (SCM-2880)
  • Org Chart Quickcard: From the org chart QuickCard, the user can click the “Add” link to initiate a “push” nomination. (The link is also available from the Current Nominations portlet in the Employee Scorecard.) This wizard lets the user find a target position for the nominee, and finalize the nomination by setting a readiness rating.
  • Approval Process: (This feature needs to be enabled by SuccessFactors) Formless nominations can optionally use a new approval workflow mechanism that works differently than the form-based workflow. Selected users can be identified as approvers for positions or incumbents with the same kind of scope definition as the Succession Planning permission (i.e., by filter fields and relationship). For example, while cgrant could nominate successors for positions on her team, only athompson would be allowed to approve successors for positions in that division.
    • If approvals are not enabled, all nominations take effect immediately, and go straight to “approved” status.
    • If approvals are enabled, new nominations (as well as removals and readiness changes) will be in a “pending” state until an authorized user approves the change (as shown in this org chart screenshot).
  • Permissions: Instant nominations respect the same Succession Planning permissions that form-based nominations do. The user must be granted permission to plan for a position or incumbent to attach successors to that position or incumbent.
  • Sorting By Readiness Custom Order: You now have the option to sort successors within readiness levels by a custom order, such as a rank order. Previously, you could only sort successors within readiness levels by name. Now you can assign each successor a numeric ranking, which will be reflected in the order of successors on the successor organization chart. To use this option, go to Admin Tools > Nominations Setup and select the Enable ranking of successors checkbox. (SCM-1028) 
  • Rules applying to nomination permissions:

    • If more than one person is set as an approver for a particular incumbent or position, only one approval (from any of the approvers) is required to approve the nomination or change.
    • Approvers will go to the succession org chart to approve nominations. Pending nominations requiring approval will be displayed on org chart nodes in a separate section below the approved nominees (if any).
    • Nominees in a pending state are only visible to users with succession planning permissions or succession approval permissions for that incumbent/position.
    • Users can be both planners and approvers. If a user has both permissions, nominations he/she creates take effect immediately and go straight to "approved" status.

    Warning! If the approval process was enabled during succession planning activities and is then disabled in Provisioning, pending nominations or changes will be lost-only approved nominations and changes will be retained.


Current Nominations

  • You now have the option to hide nominations based on Succession permissions to prevent sensitive nominations from being seen accidentally. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Succession Management > Nominations Setup, and select the Filter Current Nominations portlet data by Succession Planning permissions.checkbox. Additionally, you also have the option to show the count of the hidden nominations. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Succession Management > Nominations Setup, and select the Show the # of hidden nominations in Current Nominations portlet checkbox. (SCM-2083)


Importing Successors

  • New! Import Successors: You now have the option to import existing nomination data using a CSV import file. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Succession Management > Import Successors. Note: This option is not available if you’re using Role-based nominations. (SCM-1313)


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