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  • Succession: How do I delete positions in the succession org chart?
  • How do I delete positions in the succession org chart?
  • Can I restore or undelete a deleted position?
  • What is the difference between PURGE & DELETE position?


  • Succession Management


Deleting a Position from the Succession Org Chart

  • Go to the Succession Org Chart. Note: only users that are permissioned will have access to the succession org chart and functionality such as delete positions. If you only see the standard company org chart then you do not have permission.
  • Find the position to delete
  • On the position click the small down arrow to bring up the action menu. If you have permissions you will see the option to "Delete Position". if you do not, please contact your administrator.
    • First make sure user is granted Succession Planning Permissions
    • See also feature in Admin Tools > Position Set Up > Allow succession planners to add/edit/delete positions? Yes No


Deleting a Position using Sync Positions

  • Go to Admin Tools > Position Management > Sync Position Model with Employee Data  
  • Set "Positions with inactive incumbents will be: " to either "Deleted" or "Mark as TBH if they have successors otherwise delete"
  • Set the option that suits your needs for If an employee reports to new manager:
    • Always create a new position for the employee (successors stay with old position, now TBH)
    • Update the position to report to the new manager's position (successors move with them)
    • Create a new position for the employee only if they leapfrog or move laterally, and only if they have successors
  • The option "Create a new position for the employee only if they leapfrog or move laterally, and only if they have successors" is typically the recommended option with the most logic built into it. Regardless of the option chosen, our system will only attempt to make a logical reconstruction of your succession org chart in this sync, so you may still need to make manual changes via the org chart itself for positions that the sync feature is not able to automatically set as you would like.


Deleting Posisitions Using Import Files

  • You can now delete positions with an import file.
  • Delete Position
    You have the option specify how you want to treat deleted positions in your import/export files. For example, if you only want to hide deleted positions from the organization chart view but still make deleted positions reportable or want to unhide the position at a later date, you can specify Delete in the Action column. But if you truly intend to remove the position permanently from the system, you can specify Purge in the Action column. Finally, if you want to unhide or reinstate a deleted (but not purged) position, you can specify Reactivate in the Action column
  • Position Import: You now have the option to prevent positions that have existing successors from being deleted during the import process. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Position Management > Import Positions, and select the Do not delete positions which have successors nominated checkbox. (SCM-3583)
Soft Delete Position

The following operations will soft delete the position,
1. Deleting on SOC (succession org chart)
2. Deleting the inactive incumbent's position via sync
3. Position import with action 'DELETE'


Purge Position
  • The only way to delete the position permanently is:
  • Position import with action 'PURGE'


Re-Activate Soft Deleted Position
  • And to re-activate a soft deleted position, user need import the position with action 'REACTIVATE'
  • The position import notification mail will support 2 new rows info:
  • Positions purged:
  • Positions reactivated:
  • a soft deleted position will no longer show in SOC, but still can be exported with csv. And a new check-box named 'Export deleted positions' is supported now. 


New logic in position sync to re-activate a soft deleted position.

  • If an active employee with no non-deleted position is found,
  • And it links to one or more soft deleted positions
  • And for these deleted positions, if its parent position's incumbent, is same with this employee's manager, re-activate this position, otherwise, create a new positions.
  • The sync notification mail will have one more info:
  • Number of positions reactivated from deleted status:
  • The ad-hoc / spreadsheet report should be able to support the deleted flag
  • Note: Partial files do not overwrite existing data. You can import partial files via Admin Tools > Import Positions, so if your original succession import contained 200 positions and then you import a partial file with just 100 positions, the system will not delete the missing 100 positions, but simply attempt to update any changes for the 100 records you do have in your file, while maintaining the other 100 existing records as they were. If the 100 records in your partial import file were all new records, then you could end up with 300 records in your succession hierarchy. (The original 200 + the new 100 records)


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