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2085395 - Error - How to Troubleshoot Live Profile Errors "The requested operation is not available" - Succession


  • User(s) get an error on the Live Profile page


  • Succession Management


The following information is to provide an administrator an option to fix a problem when just one or a few users get an error on the Live Profile page. The exact error may differ for clients, but common errors include:

  • "The requested operation is not available"
  • "Unexpected failure"

Note: If all users get this error, it may indicate a bigger problem and you should open a case with Customer Success. Still, the following steps can help identify an issue with a specific portlet even if all users see the same error, especially if you have made changes recently to your xml.


Common Causes

  • Often Live Profile issues are related to data specific to a person which is why just one user or a small number of users with this data see this error
  • Also, it may be specific to a portlet on your profile layout that is no longer supported, or needs to be updated due to recent changes you have made to the data model
  • Some errors may be related to a bug in the SuccessFactors application, but this is not typical, and the following steps can help confirm whether or not this is the case before opening a support ticket.
  • A change to the data model. If someone has recently added fields, removed fields or made other config changes, then a quick solution to try is restore the data model from a saved copy. If error is in test for example, and your production is working ok, then copying datamodel from production to test can be a test worth trying. (always save backups of datamodels before changing).


Understand the Data Being Reported On

  • First, understand the entire Profile page layout. Since you can permission different people (roles) to see or not see specific information, determine if there is some consistency with only those permissioned to see a specific portlet that have the error.
    • For a person where it does work, understand all the data that might be displayed. This can be performance data, employee data, development data, goal data, compensation data etc.
    • Can you tell if the ones seeing the error might be just ones that have access to one of these types of data.
    • Review the sources of the data that would display for these people to determine if they all have some common bad data.
    • Common examples are when you import bad data to a group of people; when a person cuts & pastes bad data from Word into a goal or form; or when a portlet requires data that the employee is missing etc.


Steps to Troubleshoot

  • If you see no obvious cause in the source data for this person, then you can troubleshoot from a process of elimination using a copy of your Live Profile.
    • Go to Admin Tools > Configure Employee Files > Click Copy under the Action column
    • You will now see a "Copy of Profile" link 
    • From this Copy of Profile you will eliminate portlets one by one. It does not matter in which order you eliminate the portlets.
      • 1. Click on your main tabs for My Employee File (you may have renamed this) > click on the subtab for Copy of Profile link that is now available
      • 2. Replicate the original issue to confirm that you see the same error in this copy as you were seeing in the original layout
      • 3. Go back to Admin Tools > Configure Employee Files > Copy of Profile
      • 4. From the layout delete one of the portlets from the layout of this copied profile > click Save Dashboard
      • 5. Return to the Copy of Profile subtab as outlined in step 1. to see if the error has gone away with that portlet removed
      • 6. If the error has not gone away, repeat steps 1-5 until it does
      • 7. If you still get the error and there are no portlets left in the profile at all, then open a case with Customer Success. We may need to reset your Profile Configuration as a last resort.
      • 8. Once you remove a portlet that does result in no more errors, then this identifies that portlet as the probable cause. Add the portlet back to see if error appears again to further confirm the portlet is the cause 
        • Two possibilities still remain. It is the portlet alone or
        • The user has bad data, or some unexpected data causing the error.
      • 9. If possible, depending on the portlet you have identified, see if you have any way to change the person's data that the portlet is trying to report on. You may be able to identify and correct the bad data without the need to engage SuccessFactors engineers.
      • 10. If you are unable to change the data you may need to open a case with Customer Success so they can determine the next steps to correct the root cause.
      • 11. If you determine that the portlet was not needed or is invalid based on changes made to your datamodel, then you can simply remove this portlet from your original Profile layout to correct the issue.
      • 12. Once you have completed testing and corrected the original Profile page you can delete the copy of the profile from Admin Tools > Configure Employee Files >Action = Delete Copy of Profile > Save Changes



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