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2085240 - Executive Review - Report is Not Showing Expected Results. Values Not Same As Form - Compensation


  • When looking at a Executive Review you may see different values than in rollup or on form. Please review the information below for the most common causes specific to the Executive Review. We also have more information to review that also may need to be considered if the following does not resolve your issue: Top 10 Reasons Values in the Worksheet are Not the Same as in Reports or Data.
  • How do we make sure reports and worksheets have the same data?


  • Compensation


There are a few explanations as to why you can see different data in certain places than what you see in the worksheet for a person.

Note: Please click on the "More Info..." links for detailed explanations on each scenario.

  1. Scenario 1: Worksheets are created, then new data is imported via compensation import file. The data is correct in employee profile information, and shows correctly when you export it back out via the employee export, but has not updated in the worksheet.
    1. Most common cause is due to the fact the field is set as reloadable = "false". More info...
  2. Editable=True: This is basically same as reloadable=False.  Editable fields are not supported in Mass Update. So if you have an editable field you are saying it must be updated by a person typing in the new value. To protect the data entered manually in any field set as editable="true" we will not apply any new values imported when the "Update Compensation Form" function is run.
    1. To get the value that has been imported to apply to the worksheet you would literally have to open the compensation form and click save to replicate a manual update. Again, this is expected behavior to protect values that had manually been entered by your managers from accidentally being overwritten.
  3. Person is looking at an enroute copy of the worksheet and not most current live version being edited. One of the most common reasons of a person not seeing the most current data is that the worksheet is not actually with them, but is in someone else's Inbox. This means that they are only seeing an Enroute Copy of the form. This is a snap shot in time and will NOT show the most current data that someone may have recently entered. More info...
  4. Person was sent a "Copy" of the worksheet before all edits had been completed. It is possible to send a person a copy of a form. This will only show information at the time it was sent. if it was later updated via executive review or an import, the sent copy may now be out-of-sync. More info...
  5. Template Setting "Keep Last Touched Version: When this option is enabled on a template, people early on in the route map/workflow will only ever see the data as reflected at the time they held it. They will not see any new edits made by people later in the workflow. More info...
  6. An Executive made an edit to the data after forms were completed via Executive Review. Others do not see most current data while the one making the edit does. Safest way to update the incorrect version is to move the form back to in-progress > Open Form >  Click Save to see the current data. (Alternatively use Update Compensation Form)
  7. Executive Review Missing People: If you change managers mid-cycle remember that the executive review reports on the current regular management hierarchy. So if you change this via an import mid cycle, then people no longer reporting to the manager on record in the compensation worksheet will no longer see these people in their executive review. This is not a bug and is working as designed. More info...
  8. Do not automatically retrieve compensation data: When this feature is enabled the Executive Review will not automatically show the most current data until you trigger the update. More info...
  9. Your daily User Imports are inadvertently including updated data when people are still working on worksheets for a "reloadable" field. Make sure that you are not doing employee imports each night that are linked to compensation fields unless you want this to update and understand the impacts.
  10. The order of events in your workflow: Admin or planner imported data at some point after the person seeing the wrong data got their copy of the worksheet, and data has not yet been 'pushed' to all holders of the form. Similar variations on this are explained below.
  11. Less common but certainly possible.. Compensation worksheet was in edit mode with the planner, and therefore locked, at the same time new data was being updated via imports. Since the worksheet is locked the data is not updated and pushed through to reporting tables.
    1. Safest way to update the incorrect version is to move the form back to in-progress > Open Form >  Click Save to see the current data. (Alternatively use Update Compensation Form)
  12. Updates to PM GM: Less common but certainly possible.. A unique series of events where individual's are updating PM forms or goal plans feeding into your compensation plan, This change will not automatically push the data to Executive Review and you will have to perform either of below to see latest values in executive review.
    1.  Go to Admin Tools > Form Template Settings->Open Performance Template->Open and Save Document.
    2.  Open the Compensation Worksheet and Save it So That it can trigger an update of data to Executive review.
    3.  Else you may also use Update Compensation Form feature. Note to Support Engineers: Please check Internal Note for Jira reference where this has been confirmed as expected behavior by Engineering team.
  13. Reporting tables for one of the above reasons did not get current data pushed to them to be made available to all worksheets. To learn more about Reporting tables and how it is possible that they are not always in sync, please review this solution.
    1. First: Go to Admin Tools > and use the "Open & Save" feature to trigger the "update event".Try this first, as this will cause data from goals and forms to get to worksheet. If you have thousands of forms you may need to wait 30-60mins or longer. Then if data in reports or Executive Review is still not in sync, then use Update Compensation Form feature.

 14. Filters: Check to see if the filters you have set in Executive review match the data you want to see. Any changes on these filters which change other aspects such as the budget being displayed.

  • Note: SuccessFactors does not store a comprehensive audit trail of every admin or user action to provide insights into the series of events for your scenario. Above we outline the most likely causes of why data is not in sync, and technically how that is possible. We hope that this information will help you determine based on your knowledge of your process what the most likely event in your case would have been. Without a specific audit trail showing exactly what happened in your instance and the order in which occurred, Customer Support will not be able to tell you which of the above options happened in your case, and therefore will not be able to state with certainty how to prevent this in the future, other than understanding and the principles described above.


How to Update Compensation Worksheets and Reports to Re-sync Data

  • The above scenarios are the current design of the product and NOT indicative of any defect or gap in functionality. Rather it is expected that due to the many possible timings of who and when data is updated, that some of these "events" do not automatically trigger a "push" of the data to reporting tables. This is a deliberate design to ensure that worksheets are not updated when that was not desired. For any and all examples where you identify worksheets or reports not in sync then you can use the feature Update Compensation Form. Please note, DO NOT USE THIS OPTION UNTIL FIRST UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACTS TO YOUR FORMS AND DATA - Click to Read!


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