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2085186 - Worksheet Design - Cap the combined Merit and Lumpsum allocation - merit+lumpsum - Compensation


  • This article explains how to cap the combined Merit and Lumpsum allocation.
  • Is there a way to cap the combined Merit and Lumpsum allocation to not go over the Merit guidelines?


  • Compensation


  • You can define a comp rule for a combination of salary fields, such as <comp-rule useFor="merit+lumpsum" benchmark="compa-ratio">, the combined comp rule will work in a similar way like the single field comp rule (like useFor="merit") but apply to the combined total of the composing fields. Although the feature is originated for merit+lumpsum, it will work for any combination of salary fields, not limited to just two fields, can be promo+merit+extra for example.
  1. The percentage base for the combined total is always current salary.
  2. How does the default allocation work for combined combine rule in form creation?
    a) The default amount will always go to the first field, for example, when useFor="merit+lumpsum", the default amount will all go to merit when create comp form;
    b) If the template contains both single-field comp rule and combined comp rule, when allocate default amount, we'll apply single-field comp rule first, and proceed to apply the combined comp rule ONLY IF if there's no matched formula in the single-field comp rule for the user.
  3. How does the combined rule work with single-field comp rule in form UI if both apply to the user? This depends on whether they are soft/hard limits. We'll always process (comp-salary-rule and) single-field comp rule first, and then proceed to handle combined rule ONLY IF there's no hard-limit violation found against single-field comp rule.
  4. Combined rule violation message: The combined total 2.06 (5.24%) is above the maximum specified by the guideline 1.57 (4.00%). The combined total comes from the entries: Merit: 0.88 (2.24%) Lump Sum: 2,358.00 (rate of 1.18) (3.00%) Note: The "rate of ..." part is conditional, only applicable to lumpsum for non-annual rate type.
  5. The violations of combined rule will be flagged as well in Executive Review.
  6. The attribute forceDefaultOnRatingChange doesn't apply to combined rule.
  7. For now, we only support percentage-based compbined rule, we don't support amount-based combined comp rule. That's to say, its comp-formula should all have "true" in comp-formula-usePercent, "false" in comp-formula-useAmount.


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