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What are Personal Compensation Statements?


Creating a New Personal Compensation Statement Template

  • If your company does not yet have a compensation statement, you have 2 options:

      1) Download our free pre-built statements from the SuccessStore > Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Manage Statement Templates > SuccessStore.

      2) Pay for customized statements to be created for you.

Process for paid customizations when a change is not possible via the statement editor. 

  • Please open a new case with Customer Success. Include in the case a Change Request Form to begin the process. 
  • It is helpful to note the Compensation Plan template which will be referenced as the data source for the Compensation statements.
  • It is also helpful to include a mock-up of the new statement, if available.
  • Please allow 2-6 weeks turn-around to submit your specifications to the SuccessFactors engineers to configure your template, and for you to test these changes. Small basic changes can be done in approximately 2 weeks, while highly customized requests can take longer. Customer Success will work via Business Transformation Services (BTS) to create the clients first compensation statement template.
  • The creation of a new statement does incur costs. Customer Success is unable to provide details on costs as these will vary per client based on the complexity and needs of each request, which can vary greatly for each customer. Prices will be discussed once you have submitted your change request and SuccessFactors has evaluated the work involved. The client will then authorize work to begin once a work order has been agreed upon.


Managing Free Personal Compensation Statement Templates

Changes to Custom Templates: 

         Once SuccessFactors has implemented your statement template, you can access it from the editor. Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Manage Statement Templates > SuccessStore

         Here you will see a list of any compensation statements templates that have been imported into your instance.

  • You can edit templates to make free changes via the editor. 
  • To make a new template export existing templates from this screen, and re-import as a new statement.
  • NOTE: Please when naming your newly imported compensation statement do not append tab keys or spaces at the end or beginning of statement name. This will cause issues when printing, viewing, editing the statement.


TIPS- Making Edits:

       Customer Support does NOT support statements that you have personally edited and broken.

  • As a self-service option please download the free statements from SuccessStore and start from scratch whenever your edits create errors or issues with a statement.
  • Always keep backups of last working versions before you make additional changes to valid statements so that you can quickly and easily revert to your last known working version.
  • Customer Support does not provide customization services for statements, if you have edited a statement that now fails to work. What we do provide are the free downloads from SuccessStore of valid statements you can use.
  • We also offer paid-for service to build customized statements, so whenever you need adjustments to your statements you may submit a request for our expert engineers to make these modifications for you at cost.
    • Tips when editing a statement: When an issue occurs redownload the official working template from the SuccessStore again and only make single changes, then test to ensure this change works before making further changes.

    • Test after each change, otherwise it can be impossible to determine which change causes the break when you make lots of changes at once.

    • Test functionality throughout the change process, not just at the end.

    • If after making a single change you get an error or result you feel is invalid, then please open a support ticket as we will support this type of issue and assist in defect resolution. In the meantime you might consider submitting the change via a CCOR so we can complete that for you.


Cloning a Custom Statement:
  • Use the compensation statement editor to  make copies of existing statements. Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Manage Statement Templates > SuccessStore.
  • Export existing template, then reimport with a new name.
  • NOTE: Please when naming your newly imported compensation statement do not append tab keys or spaces at the end or beginning of statement name. This will cause issues when printing, viewing, editing the statement.


Text Only Changes:
  • A common change clients need is to change the plain-text and the year shown on the statement. Use the statement editor to make common changes. Do not edit any functional code as this can break your statement. Always make a backup of the original before altering. Customer Support can assist with "text only/label" changes for free.


Change Requests:
  • If your compensation forms have changed year over year, and new fields or calculations exist that now need to be included in the compensation statement that are not possible via the statement editor, you will need to plan for a Change Request. Please allow 2-4 weeks turn-around (and possibly longer for complex changes) to submit your specifications to the SuccessFactors engineers to configure your template and for you to test these changes.

          [Customer Success to submit request to BTS team]


  • Your maintenance contract typically includes duplicating your existing statement year over year for free, but typically does not cover more complex changes like adding new fields, removing fields, and changing calculations etc. for which additional fees will be charged.



Designate who can view Compensation statements within the application  

  • You have the option to determine who has viewing permissions to Compensation Statements directly through Admin Tools.

          Go to: Admin > Compensation > Personal Compensation Statement Permissions and make your changes directly on the page. 


  • You may designate the ability to read Compensation Statements by role: Employee, Employee's Manager (EM- by # of levels up), Employee's HR Rep (EH), Employee's Matrix Manager (EX), Employee's Custom manager (EC) and Employee's Second Manager (EA).

  • You may change the permissions at any time.

  • Note: if you do not have these checkboxes available, this is an option you can ask Support or your Consultant to change as applicable.


  Enable (or disable) viewing of statements through Employee Profile


  • You must make the Comp Statement visible in Employee Files if you want the statements visible there.  Select Configure Employee Files under Employee Files.
  • Check the box to show the Comp Statement. 
  • The link for the Comp Statement will appear in the Employee Files tab.  (Note, the label is not editable at this time.). 
  • The statements will be listed when you click Comp Statement.  Select the one you want to view. 



 Generating Personal Compensation Statements

  • Generating the compensation statement is a process that can be done several times as the compensation forms are in the process of being completed or one time after all of the forms are completed.  Compensation statements will only be created for forms that are completed – employees who are being planned on forms that are still in-progress will not have compensation statements created.


         Navigate to Compensation Administration and select Generate Personal Compensation Statement. 


• Select the Compensation Form Template from the dropdown. If your Compensation Statement is configuration to use 2 Form Templates (Compensation or Variable Pay) as the data source, click “Add Another Template” to select the second data source.
• Select the Personal Compensation Statement template which you wish to generate.
• When you click Check Forms Status a message will be displayed with the number of completed forms in the system.  It is important not to click out of the screen until the process is done running – it may take a few minutes.
• When you click the Submit button you will receive an email notification when the process is done.


Printing Individual Compensation Statements

Personal Compensation Statements may be downloaded in PDF format from the Employee Profile

• PDF file names will be “Lastname Firstname Username Planname.pdf”




Compensation Statement FAQs  

How do I delete a previously generated Compensation Statement?

  • This is done using the Recall Statement option in the latest version of Comp Admin. Please open a case with Customer Support if you are not on the latest Comp Admin 2.0 version. We recommend all clients migrate to comp admin 2.0.



Can Compensation Planners print Compensation Statements for all users on a Compensation form at once?  

  • Yes, it is possible for a Compensation planner to "bulk print" compensation statements for all users on his/her compensation planning form.




  1. The bulk print option should be enabled in the compensation template prior to the launch of forms: at least one of the options includeSalaryStatementLink (salary tab), or includeBonusStatementLink (bonus tab) or includeStockStatementLink (stock tab) must be set to "true" in the XML configuration.
  2. Compensation form must be completed.
  3. Compensation personal statements have been already generated.
  4. The logged in user has permission to view the Compensation Statement per the permission setting in the Statement Permissions Admin Tool. (See “Setting Compensation Statement Permissions”).
  • If you the above requirements are not met, when you click the button you will get "No Statement Available" message.



  • If your Compensation plan template is configured to support bulk printing:
    1.  Click the "Bulk Print" button that will show up in tool bar on top of the form


             2.  Users in the opened comp form will be concatenated into one HTML and show in a pop up window.



  • User can bulk print the statements with page breaks between statements.
  • The Compensation Statement is generally thought of as representing a paper document. As such, it commonly is sized and designed to fit on a single page, generally with printing in mind.
  • The compensation statement print output for bulk printing feature goes to the Reports tab -> Analytics -> Scheduled Reports.
  • Is it possible to print two compensation statements for one compensation template?

     No, it is not possible to print two compensation statements against ONE compensation form.   What will happen is that the latest printed  will overwrite the previous compensation statement.


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