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2084913 - Reports - Report Widgets (YouCalc) - Compensation


  • Youcalc Setup Guide for Compensation Form. 


  • Compensation



  • Open a case with Customer Success and request this feature is enabled for your instance.
  • Turn around time is typically 1 week.
  • No Costs.
    Note: Your compensation templates are hardwired to specific YouCalc widget IDs. When you create new processes you may also need to update the widget ID referenced or create new widgets and link the new widget to the new template, so please build this item into your yearly checklist for launching a new cycle.

Currently YouCalc now supports Field Base permissions. If you apply ANY field based permission to a user for ANY field, that user will  be able to see YouCalc widgets.

  • Sign in to Provisioning.
  • Go to Company Settings.
  • Enable YouCalc widget on compensation forms.

   Disclaimer: Although the YouCalc widgets will display when field based permisssion is used, the widget will display all data regardless of FBP.  The Compensation administration will be responsible for hiding YouCalc widgets if they contain sensitive   information if field based permission is applied. (CMP-9811)



      Client Admin Sets These Permissions

  • Click Administrative Privileges.
  • Locate the user that should administer youcalc.
  • Click Dashboards/reports.
  • Make Sure ”Youcalc Models” is checked.

 Support for custom YouCalc widgets created by Implementation Partners is limited. If a YouCalc widget not downloaded from SuccessStore stops working it needs to be reviewed by the Implementation Partner.


     Client Admin Does This

  • In Admin Tools, Click ”Youcalc Models”.
  • Click the ”Upload Model” button.
  • Fill in all fields, press Save.
  • Verified Upload.
  • Go up to youcalc models.
  • Click on the widget you just uploaded.
  • Locate App ID
    • Note, each widget has a unique ID which may need to be updated in reports and templates when you add new widgets.
  • Locate the App id by clicking the newly uploaded widget, and find the Model ID in the middle of the page.
  • Provide the App ID to Customer Support. Customer Support will reconfigure your templates for each App ID provided.


     Client to open case with Customer Success to do this part via a CCOR – Or partner does this for the client

  • Identify the widgets App ID as outlined above.
  • Go to Form Templates.
  • Go to admin, and click the ”form templates” link.
  • Go to Form Templates.
  • Locate the template you want to add a youcalc widget to and follow link.
  • Download Form Template.
  • Download the form template.
  • Save file locally, and open in favorite XML editor (notepad will do fine).
  • (An alternative to this step is to edit the XML directly in the provisioning interface.)
  • Edit Form Template.

          Locate the ”comp-include-salary” element in the XML file. Find the end tag.
          Insert the XML snippet below as highlighted. Adjust the three sections marked with red to fit your scenario.

      <comp-youcalc-applicationappID="41" appDisplayHeight="200" showInExecutiveReview="true“><comp-field-label lang="en_US"><![CDATA[YouCalc Quick Metrics]]></comp-field-label></comp-youcalc-application>

  • Upload New Form Template.
  • Back in the Form Templates page, click the ”Upload new form” button.

       Upload New Form Template

       1. Name the new form template, and browse for the XML file.
       2. When done click the ”upload form template” button.
       3. A new template is now created in the form templates

  Give permission to all planners/comp admin to youcalc widget under reporting privileges
       1. Go to the role or reporting permission and find the Dashboard/List View/Spotlight View/Report Permission. 
       2. Go to the Youcalc Titles and Dashboards and ensure that all the appropriate "All Youcalc Tiles and Dashboards are selected for the planners or any users in the route map who should see these widgets.


      Client is responsible for launching plans

  • Roll out the new Form.
  • To use the form click the ”Mass Create Forms” in the admin section.
  • Roll out the new Form.
  • Setup the form, and click create.
  • Youcalc is now available in Compensation.

Form Template Settings

  • You can control performance of your YouCalc reports per template from Admin Tools. Open the template associated with your Executive Review Report and in the Advanced Settings adjust the option for Maximum YouCalc Entry Size (default is 1000, only applicable to compensation executive review): Increasing this limit will degrade performance and may result in failed reports.


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