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2084853 - Executive Review - Offline Edit via Executive Review Export to Excel - Compensation


  • How to Perform Offline Edit via Executive Review.
  • You have the option to export Executive Review data to MS Excel format to review and edit at your convenience offline. You can then import the edited file back into SuccessFactors and the changes will sync with the system. Only the Excel file exported from SuccessFactors can be imported back in.
  • This is for customers that would like to edit the compensation data offline, specifically in MS Excel, and bring it back into SF Compensation module.

 Note: This is not a best practice recommended approach, however it makes sense in certain cases, some such cases are mentioned below

  1. When a compensation form has a huge number of rows and entries need to be edited.
  2. Senior executives who are not familiar with SF module would like to edit the compensation data
  3. Administrators would like to make an adjustment to the entire population due to change in economic conditions

Costs: None if subscribed to Compensation Module


  • SuccessFactors Compensation


Before proceeding:

  • Support will enable Compensation Excel Offline Edit in Provisioning > Company Settings
  • Client Admin will give Executive Review “edit” permission to top of hierarchy (as defined by client)

 Provide the ability import Compensation Data:

  • Once enabled you will see an 'import' button on the Compensation form and Executive Review to import the compensation data edited in MS Excel
  • You need to have executive review EDIT permissions
  • The capability is provided for Salary, Bonus, and Stock sheets
  • Once the user imports the data, the system should display a validation message whether the information loaded into the system has been accepted or not.
  • Only the editable fields/columns should be considered as part of the import process, any other changes made to the import file will be ignored.
    NOTE: This does not include comments. It is no possible to either import or edit comments using this file. This has to be done via the UI.
  • The violations that occur due to the imported data should be treated like normal exceptions
  • If hard stops are implemented on the form any violations will stop the form from being moved forward.
  • Audit trail will be maintained for rows that have been changed via the import process

 Import file format and data:

  • It is expected that the file format (number of columns and headers etc) of the import file are same as that of the exported file.
  • No new employees can be added to the exported file; the reason for this is - when a new employee is added to the file, the system would not know which form to add the employee to in addition the budget implications can't be anticipated as well.
  • However, it may be OK to drop employees from the exported file.

Exporting Current Data (Client):

NOTE: ONLY exported data can be imported back into the system. You cannot ADD or DELETE any records from the Excel file.

  • Proxy as top of hierarchy, in Executive Review, select Team View (start with top hierarchy) and select all level of hierarchy then select Update
  • Select Export > Select "I want to add my compensation changes to the exported file, then upload it when I'm done. Recommended if you want to primarily make changes by import.

We recommend selecting this option if you plan to import your compensation changes into system.", select "Export as Excel".

Editing Exported Data:

  • Before editing, please perform a SAVE AS to save a copy of the exported file. This can serve as a backup in case something goes wrong with your edits.
  • Fields in Yellow color are the only fields that you can edit.
  • Input compensation data from backup or restored aggregate report to the appropriate field.

Importing Data via Executive Review

  • Once changes are done, Proxy as top of hierarchy, in Executive Review, select Team View (starting with top of hierarchy) and select all level of hierarchy then select Update
  • Select Import, choose the file and select the appropriate email notification

NOTE: Please allow data to propagate in the database. Longest wait is 24 hours depending on how much data is involved.

Confirmation Email Executive Review- 'Number of plan entries successfully updated: 1' 

  • The message 'Number of plan entries successfully updated: 1' means there is one entry in imported Excel file and accepted by system. We don't have a way to know whether user edited any cell of imported Excel file. So, we just count number of entries user has permission to edit and acceptable to system in imported Excel file. That message doesn't necessarily mean all those entries have something changed.
  • Validation errors are per field. If value of a field is not valid, we will just reject that value and output a validation error in notification email. If that entry has change to other fields and their values are valid, we will still save those values to our system. So, one field has invalid value doesn't mean we will reject entire entry. Validation error only indicates a field has invalid value, it doesn't mean the whole entry was rejected.

Is it possible to permission the export executive review/import executive review button in executive review?

  • Yes, this can be set within Action for All Plans> Company Settings> Enable RBP for Executive Review Export.
    This then can be permissioned via RBP once this is enabled.


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