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Creating a New Personal Compensation Statement Template

  • If your company does not yet have a compensation statement, you have 2 options:

     1) Download our free pre-built statements from the SuccessStore > Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions for All Plans > Manage Statement Templates > SuccessStore.

     2) Pay for customized statements to be created for you.

 Change Requests:
  • If your compensation forms have changed year over year, and new fields or calculations exist that now need to be included in the compensation statement that are not possible via the statement editor, you will need to plan for a Change Request. Please allow 2-4 weeks turn-around (and possibly longer for complex changes).


  • Your maintenance contract typically includes duplicating your existing statement and making basic text updates year over year for free, but typically does not cover more complex changes like adding new fields, removing fields, and changing calculations etc. for which additional fees will be charged.

Process for customizations when a change is not possible via the statement editor. 

  • Please open a new case with Customer Success and provide the following: (support can help find these if you are unsure).
  • Customer name.

    Your instance ID

    The Data center (AZ, NJ, EU, EU5)

    Login credential: Username / password (if SSO is enabled, please provide username).

    1) Exact statement name.

    2) Download and attach existing statement template to case.

    3) Details of the problems/changes - ideal to have a mockup of all the problems or changes.


    Support will open an internal ticket for you with our BTS team and stay engaged with you via the case while the BTS team works with you to confirm costs, and technical details.

  • Small basic changes can be done in approximately 2 weeks, while highly customized requests can take up to 6 weeks.

  • BTS team will review your specifications to confirm if this is covered for free in the maintenance fee, or if additional charges would occur to make the changes.
  • The creation of a new statement does incur costs. Customer Success is unable to provide details on costs as these will vary per client based on the complexity and needs of each request, which can vary greatly for each customer. 

  • Prices and estimates can only be provided once you have submitted your change request and SuccessFactors has evaluated the work involved. The client will then authorize work to begin once a work order has been agreed upon.


Ongoing Maintenance Fee

The following custom work is usually covered by the maintenance fee but may vary per contract.


Updating of text in field headers, titles to reflect the new year.


Adding or making changes to customer logo


Formatting of text style, i.e. bolding, italicize, changing text color.


changing any text

TIPS- Making Edits

  • Always keep backups of last working versions before you make additional changes to valid statements so that you can quickly and easily revert to your last known working version if you inadvertently break your statement making edits via self-service.
  • Text Only Changes:A common change clients need is to change the plain-text and the year shown on the statement. Use the statement editor to make common changes. Do not edit any functional code as this can break your statement. Always make a backup of the original before altering. Customer Support can assist with "text only/label" changes for free.


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