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2084806 - Rating Sources - Compensation


  • Admin Tools > Compensation > Compensation Home > Select Plan > Plan Setup >.
  • Use this page to define Compensation Rating Sources. You can select the performance form or group of forms that the compensation plan will draw it's ratings from. You can ADD, EDIT or DELETE rating sources.
    Note: Typically each new compensation cycle is linked to a new Performance form. Therefore build into your change process time to evaluate your PM rating needs.


  • Compensation


Add New Rating Source:

Form: Select from your available performance forms. You can have more than one source.


  • While you can add multiple rating sources, only one source will apply to each person. For example, you might have 1 compensation form for 3 business units. Each business unit had their own performance form. So you can link all 3 performance forms to the one compensation worksheet and the system will automatically pick up the correct rating for that person from form they had.
  • Based on the above you now need to consider the priority order for adding multiple templates. If every person only ever gets 1 PM form then this should not be an issue but if by chance a person might have received 2 or all 3 of the different versions of performance forms then the question becomes for these people "which rating is the one we set as a priority?"
  • Therefore enter the sources in the order of priority as the worksheet will grab the rating from the first form in the list if a person has a copy of that performance form. If not, then it moves to next in the list to see if they have a copy of that, and so on down the list until it finds a performance review for the person.

Use For: salary, bonus, stock, all

Completed Only:  Yes No. If set to Yes, then the compensation form will only pick up ratings if the person's performance form was completed AT THE TIME OF LAUNCH. If the user has no completed forms at the time of launch then it will not update should the form be completed at a later time so could have a negative impact. Use Remove Member from form and Add Member to form features to correct this issue for users that did not have a completed form at the time of launch.


  • Most clients use Completed Only = True. It is best practice to always complete your performance cycle before launching your compensation worksheets. Therefore PM forms will always be completed first.
  • If a form has not been completed then the calculations on your compensation worksheets can be incorrect if the rating on the PM form changes yet the compensation worksheet is now at a step where that updated rating cannot be changed. This can lead to confusion and inaccuracies unless you have a very well planned compensation cycle that ensures that managers understand that ratings and values may still change, and where you have a process flow that allows for the worksheet to get the final PM score before the compensation cycle is finalized.

   Use Calculated Rating:  Yes No

   Import Key: If you are using an imported value then set the field in your user import that you will use as the source.

   Scale: Select from your available rating scales

   Rating Type: Performance, Competency, Objective, Potential

Update Rating Source Scenario 1

• Rating comes from Performance Review form and you need to update to link to Performance forms for new plan year.

• Select new PM Form Template from the “Form” dropdown.
• Click Save.
• Please use caution and consult Customer Success if changes to any other elements on this page are requested.

Update Rating Source Scenario 2

• Rating comes from imported User Directory field and you need to update import key for the new plan year's ratings. We recommend that import key is updated to a new unique value each year to prevent impacting prior year forms in the event of late corrections.
• Input new Import Key; this should match the header row on the User Import file (far right side of Comp columns).
• Update the Rating scale for text descriptions if different from prior year.
• Click Save.

Rating Fed in from Employee Central (EC) - CMP-4607

   As on B1405 your PM rating may be imported into your worksheet from Employee Central

  • This will require a configuration change and will require a CCOR.
  • There is no cost for this change.
  • Works for both compensation and variable pay.
  • Ratings may now be extracted from any EC component. 
  • Note that only one rating source can be used with an import key.

     Please open a case with support (or your partner) to have your configuration adjusted to allow for ratings to come from an EC source.

Information for Support & Partners When Using EC as the Rating Source

   Code would be..

comp-ect-input-field-mapcomponentType="jobInfo" fieldName="custom-string1"/>

Rating Fed in from Employee Profile

If your rating are available in the Profile section for your employees, Compensation is able to retrieve them.

You will need to make sure that the effective date used in the rating sources match the dates on the profile.

Rating scales used for the rating in the Profile can be edited in the "Matrix Grid Rating Scales" screen.

   Additional validations now in place:

   For VarPay and Compensation plan templates:

  • For non-EC templates, comp-ect-input-field-map is NOT   allowed under comp-rating-source.
  • For pure EC templates, importKeyis NOT   allowed on comp-  rating-source.
  • For hybrid templates, both comp-ect-input-field-map and importKey are required to import PM rating.
  • If rating is to be imported from PM forms, neither is allowed.

   For VarPay templates only:

     1) If import-from-assignment = "true", importKey is allowed.


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