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2084775 - Profile - Compensation


  • Another way to make compensation & variable pay  recommendations if you don't want to use Compensation Worksheets. You can also make recommendations from a person's Compensation Profile, which graphically displays the person's salary and stock grant history, as well as their position in their salary range. Your planning changes are shown as you work in the Profile. To use this option, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. (CMP-6634, VRP-3379).
  • All clients using enhanced worksheets need to also enable Profile.


  • Compensation


How to Access Profile:

  • You access a profile from the worksheet or from executive review > click on the person's name > the profile will appear as a popup. You may edit the profile from either page. (CMP-8318)


Feature name:

Compensation Profile - CMP – 6634 & CMP-8318




Client can enable this themselves via Upgrade Center

(Support note: Provisioning >  Company Settings > Compensation Mgt > Enable Compensation Employee Profile)

Configuration Type:

  • Client must be on V12 UI
  • Will work with v11 worksheets but we recommend you also upgrade to enhanced worksheet UI which profile is optimized for. (This is a simple free upgrade)
  • Comp admin 2.0 will be enabled along with profile if not already enabled. (Only impacts admin tools not worksheets)

Also see configuration details below

No extra code needs to be added  to any existing templates, but it is assumed the worksheet does have the required columns to feed the profile. (Managed via column designer)

Available in Product Edition(s):

All editions

UI Version:

v12 Only

Detailed Feature Description:

Accessible from the worksheet or executive review, the Profile offers an alternative planning approach. Managers may make compensation recommendations while viewing salary/stock history and graphical view of position in range.

Use Case:

Manager may enter recommendations via Profiles by selecting the “next” button.  System cycles through all profiles in order


  • When edited via executive review Planners with Executive Review privileges now have full editing access to the Compensation Profile. Changes are supported by the Audit Log.

         Picture2.png 1.png

         Picture1.png 2.png


Customizing the Layout Look & Feel

  • At this time the profile page customization is limited. Most elements on the page cannot be disabled. Please evaluate the profile to determine if it is something that meets your needs as is, out of the box.


Customize Salary Positioning Section

  • Salary Positioning section:  Compa Ratio text, Range Penetration text, and section name may be customized using the text replacement admin tool.

 4.png c.png

  • To hide the text entirely, insert [BLANK];
  • You may change the description for compa ratio and range penetration to reflect language of culture.  Messages can be suppressed entirely by adding the word “BLANK”.
  • Customers who wish to hide the Salary Positioning section within the Profile can do this if the following fields are absent from the worksheet: The section will be hidden only if these fields are not presente.   



  compaRatio (final compa-ratio),




Compensation History Tab


Variable Pay Tab

  • With Profile Interoperability feature, managers can view both Variable Pay and Compensation data on the same screen for more efficient planning.
  • The functions on Profile Interoperability are configurable by the Configuration Change Order Request (CCOR). Customer will need to specify which Variable Pay template will be directed to display at user's profile.
  • To enable the feature, you will need to engage Customer Success by CCOR. Average time to complete Configuration Change Order Request is around 2-4 weeks. There are no costs involved.





Multi-Currencies Not Displaying:

  • If you are comparing two periods which contains different plans and have different currencies, for example, plan 1 in period 1 is using USD, and plan 2 in period 2 is using CNY, then the chart view will not be displayed, as by design it is not meaningful to compare two different sets of currency data. You can still view the data from the list view.


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