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This article reviews updating live forms for either compensation or variable pay worksheets.

This functionality enables you to update all the forms attached to a comp or VP program template. When there is a change to an employee’s imported user data, performance rating, and goal information, the form is only updated with the change when it is opened, refreshed, or saved.

 In order to ensure comp & VP data is up-to-date, it is highly recommended that this process be used to update all comp & VP forms prior to exporting data, as well as after importing updated user and/or data.

 Tip! Perform an update prior to exporting data. Be aware that this update may take several hours to run, depending on the number of forms and employees being updated. This update process can also be automated if you import data via FTP.


  • In Compensation, the Executive Review report displays the PM rating from the last save of the comp form. If the rating is changed in the PM form, the comp form is not changed until the next open/save.
  • You have imported new compensation information that is not being reflected correctly on the comp plans or in reports.
  • We see different information in compensation reports than we see on the compensation plan.
  • When a manager makes a change to a performance rating, the compensation form is only updated with the change when it is opened, refreshed or saved. In order to ensure you are exporting the most current data, you can use this feature to update all compensation forms prior to export.


SuccessFactors Compensation

Reproducing the Issue

Admin Tools > Compensation Home > Select correct plan > Manage Worksheets > Update Worksheets > Update all worksheet



This command enables you to update all the forms attached to a compensation template. This can be used prior to a data export to ensure the most current data is included in the export.

  1. Warning! Pushing an update to compensation forms does introduce a level of risk with data on existing forms, so please NEVER use this action unless you fully understand the configuration of your form template as well what data might update on your form from your userfile
  2. All fields that are configured as reloadable=true on your template will pull in any new data from your userimport data when running this action, so ALL "reloadable" fields in your worksheet WILL change if your souce data has changed. (Typically due to daily imports, or maybe even if you have loaded new data for a new cycle since forms were originally launched).
  3. It is NOT possible to select and update data for only one specific field. ALL fields configured as reloadable will update. Therefore only run this when you are sure that the data currently loaded for this compensation cycle is what you will want to be updated for all reloadable fields. 
  4. It is NOT possible to undo this action. You would need to manually reload correct data to correct issues, or relaunch forms if unable to correct by another "Update Compensation Form" action.

While this feature is safe to use, and most typically the update of all data and all reloadable fields is exactly what you are wanting to happen, please use extreme care not to include completed forms unless you understand exactly what your user data contains and how this might update values on completed forms. Successfactors will be unable to undo the changes your update triggers, and you will need to manually correct any forms with unexpected changes!

There is an admin utility that admins can run that will sync the comp forms with the PM forms without opening and saving individual forms.

Under Compensation Admin, use "Update Compensation Forms for Template." This will sync the PM ratings in the comp forms.

A safer option if you only need to update one or a few specific compensation forms, and not all compensation forms based on this template, is to use the feature "Update Compensation Forms" which will only make updates to the one compensation plan you define.

Update Compensation Forms for Template & Employee Import:

You have the option to rerun an existing Eligibility check across Compensation Plan templates and during an employee import to get updated eligibility information at the form, tab, and field level.

To update your employee data, go to Admin Tools > Manage Users > Employee Import. Select Update Compensation Form checkbox, then select the templates you want to work with. In the Changes in Eligibility section, select the Rules Already set up through the Compensation Template's Eligibility Rules Engine. Apply those to the Compensation Forms as well checkbox. (CMP-3010)

You also have the option to automatically update a plan to include newly hired employees or other new members to a plan template when they are added or moved in the system. To set up this option, go to Admin Tools>Compensation Administration > Update Compensation Forms for Template, and click the New Hire: Add new member to compensation form checkbox. (CMP-4252)

Update a Specific Worksheet(CMP-10739)

This option allows you to update a specific worksheet instead of updating all forms for a template

This can be done from Compensation Home->Manage Worksheet->Update a Specific worksheet

Update Specific Worksheet.png


Remember that enroute comp forms are snapshots of the comp form when it was routed. If the planner routes the comp/varpay form and then changes the PM rating, the enroute (audit) copy does not change, even when the rating is updated by the next person opening and saving the comp form. You will NOT see the most up-to-date information on en-route copies of a compensation/varpay plan, so it is not necessarily any indication of an issue if you are viewing an en-route copy and not seeing the most current or expected information.


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