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  • Information on the Guideline Optimization.
  • Can we change guidelines for forms already launched?

  • How to improve performance for compensation forms.

  • Why have the merit guidelines not updated on our live forms when we updated then via admin tools merit guidelines?


  • Compensation


  • We recommend that all clients use this option as it has two main benefits

  1. Merit Guidelines will be stored as a database lookup as opposed to hardwired to every individual form, which means if you ever need to change your guidelines mid-cycle, the change will automatically apply to all live forms. Therefore you eliminate the common problem clients have had in the past where they needed to delete all existing compensation forms, update the guidelines, and them relaunch compensation forms.
  2. Performance Increase. Storing the guidelines outside of each form makes each persons form smaller and therefore provides an overall performance increase. 
  3. Selecting the Enable Guideline Optimization option will store compensation guidelines in the SuccessFactors database. This option is recommended if you have many compensation guidelines and want to improve your system performance. Please note that compensation forms will always use the most current version of the guidelines, so guideline changes can potentially trigger hard violations if your compensation forms flag hard violations.
  4. Note: While this option allows you to update guidelines for live worksheets, it is limited in impact for live worksheets and will not update or change the default value already on worksheets. This is to protect any data a manager may have already entered. Therefor, while the new guideline will show in the worksheet, each manager will now need to manually enter the actual values for people on the worksheet relative to the new guidelines


  • Enable this feature from: Admin Tools > Manage Compensation Plan template > Template   > Enable Guideline Optimization
  • It is not recommended to launch a set of forms > change guidelines > launch another batch > change guidelines > launch new forms etc. when not using this feature. Rather, if you do have a need to have multiple launches where there are different guidelines to each batch of recipients, then you should be creating new plan templates (use the clone template tool) specific to those launches and not reusing the same template and adjusting settings, which can lead to broken processes and broken reporting.


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