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2084124 - Manage Data - Data on worksheet is incorrect - Steps to correct - Compensation


  • You have worksheets that do not have the right data on them and want to correct this. Following are a series of steps you can try to correct this.
  • Compensation data on some worksheets is not correct.


  • Compensation


  • Due to wrong user data import.
  • Manager change.
  • Wrong settings used on import.


  • Following are a series of steps you can try. Only proceed to each step if previous step does not resolve your issue.
  1. First ensure that the correct data has been reimported. After importing your data, then perform an employee export and include compensation data to confirm that the data did actually import correctly to the right compensation program.


  • Perform the following and proceed to next step if data does not update:
  1. Open the affected worksheet and perform a "save" action: More often than not, this action alone will trigger the update and resolve most issues.
  2. Perform worksheet update via Admin Tools using "Update Compensation Form": This feature will trigger an update and should resolve the issue for any specific worksheets that previous steps had not corrected. If this works for a single form and there are no unexpected data changes, then you can also consider the optoin below to update all worksheets.
    1. Perform Update Compensation Forms for Template: Warning! This should only be done by a trained administrator that has read the following solution and fully understands the risks is forcing a data update to all your worksheets based on current data in the system.
  3. Remove and Add members in the form: If you had changed your managers, then a quick solution is often removing the affected people and adding them back to the worksheet.
  4. Move to next step and back: If that did not work, try moving a form forward & back a step (rocking the form). This can trigger the expected data update if the issue is somehow related to workflows.
  5. Re-launch compensation form: Some issues (especially configuration related issues) may not be resolvable by any other method than a relaunch based on the design of your worksheet. When the above steps fail you will need to relaunch your worksheets. You may also need to reconfigure template settings before relaunching.


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