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  • It's that time of the year and you are about to relaunch a compensation cycle. You are not planning any major changes, and just want to copy an existing program and relaunch that. There's no need to start early correct? I can just start that the week before we need to launch right?
  • Wrong!
  • Even if you are not planning to make changes to an existing program, there is still a lot of preparation work that a compensation administrator will need to plan for. You will need to test the program against the latest build of the application, as well as copy settings, and make common year-over-year field updates.
  • Each compensation program is a customized software solution for your specific company. Each year or cycle typically should use a new copy of the customized software so does involve a lot work even to relauch the same program.
  • For these reasons please always plan appropriately giving yourself plenty of time to fully test your programs and make changes you may find are needed.
  • If you are changing how your program worked (as opposed to relaunching the same program) then please engage Professional Services early. Customer Success Support will be unable to provide consultation to reconfigure existing programs or build new programs.



  • Compensation


Admin Cheat Sheet:

  • For those administrators that are well trained and are very familiar with their programs who only need a high level reminder we provide this cheat sheet for you. This cheat sheet condenses all of the Conmp Admin guides (over 100 pages of content) into a single page document to aid you in quickly completing your year-over-year changes. Click here to access the Admin Cheat Sheet


Preparing to Relaunch Your Program Powerpoint

  • For administrators that need more detail than the cheat sheet we have prepared this 50+ page powerpoint presentation that details the most common elements of your program that will need to be updated when copying an existing program. This PPT includes screenshots and step-by-step instructions for common updates your program may need. Click here to download Comp_Cycle_Prep__Customer 2014V3.pptx


Pre-Cycle Questions


  •       Are you launching to the same group as last year or is it changing this year (impact on custom filter for choosing target populations)?
  •        Do you plan on launching forms in one language or multiple languages (impact on worksheet creation and configuration)?
  •        Are  you going to feed the ratings to an external system (impact on Ad Hoc Reports and Quartz scheduling)?
  •        How did your company manage hierarchy changes last cycle and is it changing (impact on FTP/import settings and/or Employee Change Engine).
  •        Has the timeline for your cycle changed (both for when cycle is starting and the amount of time spent in each cycle phase)?
  •        Have business drivers changed in the last year that are impacting the way you would like to measure performance? (goal-focused, competency-focused, etc)
  •        Has your approval process changed in the past year?  (route map changes)
  •        Will you be using our Calibration tool this year? Be sure to build this into testing an planning.
  •        Are you planning on making changes yourself using the new powerful Admin Tools Self-Service options? If so, please do not make the common mistake of leaving it to the last minute.You should build into your timeline as much if not more time as you would need if getting SuccessFactors to create your plans for you (1 month minimum). Why? To ensure that if anything goes wrong during testing that you have ample time to engage Support to have changes or issues addressed.


Upgrade Center

Please visit the Upgrade Center in admin tools and determine what new features exist that you can enable before entering your cycle.

Notable features we recommend all clients upgrade to without delay are:

  • Compensation Admin 2.0
  • Compensation Profile


Critical Checklist for All New Cycles

Tip: Begin your planning immediately following your annual cycle
  • Do NOT reuse the same compensation template unless you understand the possible negative impacts.
    • It is a best practice to create a copy of your last template for your new cycle as opposed to relaunching the same template.
    • Your new template may also need to be connected to the new PM template you have likely created for this cycle. (which may in-turn need to be connected to new goal plans)
    • Your new cycle will likely require previous reports are updated and linked to the new templates. This ensures that reports will not pull in old data from previous cycles.
    • Create new currency conversion table, new pay matrix, and new lookup tables.
    • Link your new Rating Sources
    • Update or create Guidelines as needed
      • Enable Guideline Optimization for your templates. Not only will this improve performance it will enable you to update live forms as the guidelines will be stored in a way we can update live forms.
  • Optimize your Comp Template settings. Click link to see recommended settings. Note: When you copy a template, the template settings will not be copied so you need to check your settings from last year, and then set your new template as needed.
  • Permissions: How to set permissions for administrators, users and planners.
  • Planner Mode: For compensation processes where you launch forms based on planner, you will need to update your import file COMPENSATION_PLANNER_xx field. 
  • NEW UNIQUE IMPORT_KEYS: We recommend you always copy the template to create a new template for each cycle, and then within each new template reference NEW UNIQUE IMPORT_KEYS. This prevents data imports from accidentally overwriting last year's data which is non-recoverable! Unique IMPORT_KEY fields on each cycle allows you to define new columns in your compensation import for each cycle and avoid any problems with data from one program ever affecting another.
  • Check the reporting hierarchy of each employee.
    • Tip: One new feature that can be leveraged to make planning easier is "Enable Compensation View Only Mode for Hierarchy Based Approvals". You can enable HBA view mode from Admin Tools. Select your template and from Advanced Settings select Enable Compensation View Only Mode for Hierarchy Based Approvals. Even if you do not want to plan by HBA mode you can still leverage it for view purposes only which can make planning easier.
  • Are you using the recommended option SECOND_MANAGER? If not you may want to consider this change.
  • If you have a compensation template that is using the SECOND MANAGER update your file and import a fresh, valid, hierarchy before launching any forms.
  • Update the current data of the employee for Salary, Job level, Pay Grade etc. before mass creating comp forms.
  • Evaluate your budget setup, % values for current cycle and if the budget totals are correct.
  • Proration: If your program uses Salary Prorating remember to update the start and end dates.
  • Set your eligibility rulesfor all new templates. Admin Tools> Compensation Administration> Manage Compensation Plan Template> Click name of prior cycle's plan template> Click on Eligibility Rules tab
  • For Variable Pay clients we recommend that your test instance be refreshed as an exact clone of production so that your tests will be real world tests of actual data. Unlike most processes that do not require such a step, Variable Pay is very complex and issues may only become apparent when tested against exact data you will be launching with.
  • Email Notifications:
    • Test Forgot Password and Send System Message separately from routing emails.
    • Turn ON email notifications that are needed before creating forms. Turn OFF email notifications that are not required.
    • Have you updated your Email Notification Templates to have the most current contact information in the body of the emails?
    • Test emails and routing notifications for all users and steps in the process to confirm the correct people get the correct emails for the correct steps and actions, as well as making sure that people who you do not want to get emails do not get them.
  • Reports: Update any automated reports to reference new templates.
    • If you have any new YouCalc widgets update the widget ID in your template & reports.
  • Testing: Please refer to the Testing Best Practices which is also part of this guide from the main menu.
  • Launching plan: How do you plan to mass create these worksheets?  Are filters and data set up correctly to ensure that the correct group receives the correct template?


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