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  • Compensation Data Impacts

    The Compensation Planning application centers around the Compensation form, and more specifically the data contained within those forms.  As a form moves through a cycle from generation to completion, it is important to understand how and when the form data can be impacted beyond direct form input by a user.  This document will explore those scenarios for a Compensation form, and as a related topic, for the Compensation statement.


  • Compensation


Compensation Data Sources


A form will contain a number of data fields.  These fields can be roughly divided into two categories: referenced and dynamic. 


Referenced data is defined as data imported into the system and then read and displayed by the form.  Dynamic data is generally either derived from other fields such as referenced data or input by a user, or both. 


Below is a screenshot of a typical compensation form. 



Figure 1  Compensation forms contain both referenced and dynamic fields.


Note the marked fields:


Current Salary Rate – This field is referenced, as the current salary rate comes from the imported Salary column of the Employee Import file.


Current Compa-Ratio – This field is dynamic, as it is the result of a calculation involving the employee’s pay grade with associated mid-point, and current salary. 


Merit Amount – This field is also dynamic, as it is the result of a user input and possibly originated as a default value of a guideline rule.   


Data Updates Before Form Creation

When a compensation form is created, the current available data is used to generate the referenced and dynamic fields within the form.  As such, this process is fairly straightforward and the only real consideration is to ensure that the imported employee data is as accurate as possible prior to form generation. 


Data Updates After Form Creation

Once a form has been created, the situation becomes a little more complex.  Under certain circumstances, certain data fields can be impacted by updates to imported data.  Understanding these possible scenarios will help administrators and users decide which actions to take and when. 


To start, it is important to understand the general cases when a Compensation form would be impacted by data modifications.  These cases are:


Opening a Compensation Form

When a Compensation form is opened, as long as the form is NOT in a Signature or Completed stage, various data fields will be ‘reloaded’ from source data.  Which fields are reloaded depends on two considerations: the field itself and possibly configuration option of the form.  For example, the salary field is always reloaded, but a custom Compensation field can be configured to reload or not reload.  See Appendix A for a list of Compensation data fields and their specific behaviors.


Update Compensation Forms

This Admin Tools process can be applied to specific forms, or all forms related to a specified Compensation form template.  This process replicates the process of opening a Compensation form as far as reloading of data, just without the requirement of actually opening the form.  This is particularly useful when multiple forms need to be updated but it is not expected that users will be opening the forms for any other reason. 


In addition, updating Compensation forms will allow the updated data to be used by Executive Review and Compensation Planning reports.  Otherwise, the earlier data will be reflected. 


In addition to simulating the opening of a form, the Update Compensation Forms for Template process supports some optional actions.  These actions are always executed via the Update Compensation Forms process, but are optional for the Template process so that an administrator can choose to exclude unnecessary actions and reduce the amount of required processing time. 

Warning! Never use this feature without understanding the impacts. There is no undo button. This will trigger an update to ALL fields that are reloadable with whatever data now exists in your system.


Include Completed Forms – If this option is selected, the Update Compensation Forms process will also affect Completed forms.   This option and Executive Edit are the only two ways by which Completed forms can be modified.


Synchronize Bonus Data with PM Form – When Compensation forms are opened or updated, they will synchronize certain Bonus data from the PM form, such as Goal Ratings or Weights.  However, by default Bonus changes such as an addition or removal of a goal will not be synchronized.  Use of this option will include add/remove of goals to the Update Compensation Forms process.


Update Budget – Compensation form budgets can be configured to dynamically re-calculate the budget amounts every time the form is opened.  This option allows the admin to re-calculate the budget amounts for forms regardless of the form configuration.


Update and remove unassociated budgets  – This is similar to Update Budget but will also remove any budget sections that have been removed from the form configuration. 



Executive Edit

Executive Edit allows a user to make changes to a specific employee’s compensation record at any point in the process, whether the underlying form is Completed, in Signature step, or otherwise En Route.  When the employee’s record is accessed as part of the Executive Edit process, all the fields in that record are eligible to be reloaded as per the Opening a Compensation Form scenario.   


Compensation Statements

Compensation statement are static HTML pages generated at the Administrator’s discretion.  When generated, the statements draw upon the currently available data within the forms – such as pre-Update Compensation Forms process.  Unlike forms, however, opening a Compensation statement will never initiate any type of reload or update process.  The only way to affect a compensation statement is to re-generate compensation statements for a given Compensation template.  At that time, all employees currently represented in Compensation forms for that template will receive a new compensation statement based on the current form data.  This new statement will replace any existing statement related to that template/employee combination.


Compensation Data Fields Reference Guide

Please download the attachment file for granular details on most compensation fields and thier use. The following file will outline individual data fields and their behavior regarding Employee Import and ability to be configured as reloadable.


Compensation Data Fields - Excel Matrix File

Please download the attached excel file for granular details on most compensation fields and their use. Typically you as an admin will never need this level of insight and granularity, but some advanced administrators may appreciate this deeper insight into each field. 



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