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  • Social networking that makes your employees more productive
  • We are very happy to announce our newest module: Jam. Jam is the SuccessFactors social business module that gives your employees innovative tools to communicate more effectively and more openly with each other, letting your company work together in ways that weren't possible before.


  • SAP Jam.


How can your company use Jam?

  • Every day, employees face challenges that get in the way of productivity. Questions like these come up throughout the day: Someone has done this before. But how do I find them? How can we work better with people who are not in our office? How can I get feedback on this document, without it getting lost in email?
  • Jam helps your employees answer these questions. Employees using Jam can actually find the content they need, connect with experts, collaborate across time zones, and have productive conversations around goals, initiatives, and documents.


How does Jam work?

  • Jam uses today's most innovative Web technology, which connects people all over the world with each other, and adapted it for business environments so your employees can connect with each other in a secure and managed setting. For the first time, employees can take advantage of blogs and microblogs, activity feeds, and wikis to interactively share knowledge and connect with experts. Employees can even access Jam on their mobile devices, like smarphones, to conveniently stay in touch.


Some Jam technology highlights:

  • Microblogs let employees share short messages, such as status updates, announcements, news, questions, and even photos of "whiteboard" discussions, so everyone stays on the same page.
  • Activity feeds are how active conversations from the microblogs are sent to employees who choose to follow them. Topics that were once only discussed in meetings or email are now rich, interactive conversations and easily accessible to all.
  • Wikis are Web pages about a single topic that multiple people contribute and edit, resulting in more accurate and up-to-date information. Wiki Web pages are great for posting company policies, project plans, and even internal technical support processes.
  • Jam is easy to manage and worry-free
  • Jam uses the same user profiles that already exist in SuccessFactors, so user maintenance stays streamlined. Jam is seamlessly accessed directly from the SuccessFactors home page. As a SuccessFactors Admin, you have access to privacy, security, and compliance controls for Jam.


How can you start using Cubetree in your company?

  • Jam comes in two different editions: Basic and Premier. Jam Basic is a fantastic way to introduce your company to effortless connections through microblogging, activity feeds, and user groups. Jam Premier offers even more social collaboration tools, such as discussions, task management, wikis, and the exclusive Social Docs, where employees can publish work documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files to a group, and others can read and comment on the document without having to download it.


JAM/CubeTree Basic:

  • To start using Jam Basic, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to get details on how to make your user data ready for Jam.


JAM/CubeTree Premier:

  • If you're interested in Jam Premier, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account upgraded. Please note that Jam Premier requires additional fees and a SuccessFactors Professional Services engagement.



May 2011 [B1105]

  • Introducing access to video content! You can upload, watch, and comment on videos directly in Jam, making it even easier to share information. To do so, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. Note: This option is only available with Jam Premier.
  • Compliance Filter You can now use the Compliance Filter to find inappropriate or non-compliant language in postings. You can personalize the Compliance dictionary by adding terms specific to your company and removing or skipping other terms. You can also create language-specific dictionaries. You'll get a report that flags where the inappropriate words were found, but the terms won't be removed from the postings. You can decide how you want to manage inappropriate content.
  • Private Profiles: You now have the option to make some profiles private so that only approved members can see what's on their Walls. You can do this at the individual member level.
  • SharePoint folders: You can now move an entire SharePoint folder structure into a Jam group to make document access and sharing easier.


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