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  • This Article explains how to get started using Jam.
  • I've just logged into Jam for the first time, what should I do?


  • SAP Jam.


  • 091 So you've just logged into Jam for the first time, and you're not sure what to do.
  • Sure, it looks like Facebook, but you're using it for work, so it's completely different, right?
    Not really! 
  • Think about how you use Facebook - You use it to let your friends know what you're up to, share news, links, photos and information and start conversations - Information you used to send via email, but no longer do because Facebook is so much more central, convenient and inclusive.
    All of those factors that made socializing more open, efficient and fun also apply to business.


First You Should:

Edit Your Profile:

  • The first thing you should do is add a picture and some information to your profile.  There are two places you can do this - from your home wall and from your profile wall.

Home Wall - From your home page, select "Edit Profile" from next to the profile picture area.

Profile Wall - From your profile page, select "Edit Profile" from the menu on the left, directly below the profile picture.


Find People to Follow:

  • When you sign in for the first time, you'll be presented with a list of everyone with a Jam account in your company.  It's a good idea to follow everyone in your department, and anyone you interact with on a fairly regular basis. 
  • Something to keep in mind when deciding who to follow: All of the posts of people you follow will show up on your home wall feed,so when you first start out slow with followers and build up users to follow as you get more comfortable with how Jam works. 
  • If you realize later that you missed some folks you need or want to follow, you can always find them at a later date by either going to the Company Tab > Directory and browsing, or you can use the search box to go directly to a user's profile wall and follow them from there.


Find Groups to Follow:

  • You can find a list of all the public groups in the company by going to the Company Tag > Groups and following any groups that are relevant to you.  Another great way to find public groups to follow is to go to the profile walls of people you work closely with and see what groups they are following.
  • Keep in mind that you'll only be able to see public groups, or private groups you are already a member of.  To follow a private group you'll first need to receive an invite from a group member or the group admin.


Now Start Using Features!


  • When most people think of Microblogging, they immediately think of the social applications such as Twitter or Facebook, but microblogging is fast becoming a powerful business tool as well.
  •  A status update can let everyone know what you’re working on, but it’s also a great way to start a conversation and gather ideas.  Unlike email, which is limited to those originally included, microblogging opens the discussion to a much wider pool of ideas.
     This not only a fantastic way to keep up to date, it also makes employees feel more engaged and that they have a valued voice in the company.

[1]Click here for more information on MicroBlogging


Photo Sharing and Member Tagging:

  • Uploading photos is a fun way to show off your vacation pics, but it can also be a very efficient way to share business information as well. 
  • Say you just had an incredibly productive meeting and perfectly diagrammed out your plan on the whiteboard.  Rather than tediously copying it down, take a picture with your smartphone and upload it to Jam to be viewed and commented on by your followers or a group. 

[2]Click here for more information on Photo Sharing and Member Tagging



  • Businesses today must accomplish their goals and deliver results faster and with fewer resources. As organizations respond to these demands they are turning toward globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing to reduce costs. To execute in this new environment, enterprises require better communication tools that enable collaboration and the ability to quickly and easily form project teams of the right people.
  • We understand this need, which is why we offer special Group functionality. There are several types of groups, including public, private, info only and expert, that can be created in Jam to support the different needs of project teams.

Mobile Clients:

  • You can keep up with Jam while you're on the go with the BizX mobile clients for Blackberry, Android, iPhone or iPad.
  • Visit the app store for the device and search for BizX or SuccessFactors.


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