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2082735 - Expanded Datacenter Migration FAQ - Onboarding


  • The Onboarding system is currently in the midst of a major datacenter migration project, moving the current customer application and data from the legacy KMS Zerolag datacenter to the state-of-the-art SuccessFactors Arizona DC4 datacenter.
  • This page is the Frequently Asked Questions page for reference for customers affected by this migration. This not only includes our original FAQ, but also questions from you (our customer) and other customers as well. For any datacenter issues or problems, please review this list - an answer to your question may already exist!


New Questions

This is a list of questions that customers have asked SuccessFactors in regards to the datacenter migration. These are presented here to provide additional information and assist in answering your questions!


Q: Where do we point our SSO integrations to?

A: Multiple web services, including customer Single Sign On functionality services, have been migrated to the new environment. For example, if you previously were pointing an SSO service at,

this would now be redirected to The methodologies and systems currently in place are not changing, just the destinations. For multiple web service URLs, please submit a Support case immediately--we can provide these, but the URLs are unique for each individual customer & partner instance.


Q: What is the new SFTP folder structure?

A: Production will utilize the folders "/onb/inbound/" and "/onb/outbound/" for incoming and outgoing content, respectively; Stage will utilize the folders "/onb/test/inbound/" and "/onb/test/outnbound/" for incoming and outgoing content, respectively.


Q: Is there a specific date that the Zerolag environment will shutdown and no longer be accessible?

A: Zerolag at some point will be shut down, but there is no date associated to this particular activity. For the time being Zerolag will be active throughout 2014.


Q: Will Stage content also be re-migrated over on 8/22 as well, so the environments are re-synched?​

A: This unfortunately cannot be tested at this time in the Stage environment. Because the Stage environment has only data from calendar week 26, any processes or workflows created after this period (June 23 - 29) will be migrated in the Production migration, but cannot be tested natively in Stage at this time. This will need to be tested in Production on August 30 (earliest testable date).


Q: How do we test files that are sent to the inbound or the outbound SFTP system to process and test files delivered this way?

A: These files can be setup to be delivered ot the new Stage SFTP servers. Loading these files onto the server will set them up for processing just like any file loaded into the QA environment for testing.​


Q: We had a new process move to production on 7/14.  This is not in the staging environment.  Please advise how we will test this.

A: This unfortunately cannot be tested at this time in the Stage environment. Because the Stage environment has only data from calendar week 26, any processes or workflows created after this period (June 23 - 29) will be migrated in the Production migration, but cannot be tested natively in Stage at this time. This will need to be tested in Production on August 30 (earliest testable date).​


Q: The URL we were provided for testing included an "Account" login, this historically has not been need. Is there a direct URL for our users to login to?

A: These URLs can be provided, but are unique to each customer and their ATS partner. Please submit a Support portal case and the Customer Success team can provide the individual URLs for your users to login to.


Q: There is a real time process where our on boarding selection is sent to Success Factor from our Applicant Tracking System.  Does this change effect it? 

A: Yes, this will affect this process. IBM/Kenexa will need to send their files to the new SFTP and Stage environment, changing their QA/pre-production environment to instead point here for testing purposes.​


Q: We need to test our Eapplication, A&R, Fingerprint, Onboarding and Crossboarding processes, these need to be tested throught the interface from PeopleFluent.

A: These can be tested natively within the Stage environment, just as you would test any other QA workflow. Each of these can be tested like they can currently be tested in the ONB QA environment.


Q: For our Kenexa/HireRight/PeopleFluent/VirtualEdge integration: how do we test for this and if we encounter issues, who is responsible for resolving​?

A: This is a mutual responsibility between SuccessFactors and the customer and ATS partner. SuccessFactors can provide any and all intergration information for the new DC4 Stage environment. This would be testable just as it is currently in the QA environment, and we can make adjustments and changes to ensure the integration functions--this will likely need to be done both the Kenexa and SuccessFactors side.


Q: What are the SOAP integration points in the new environment?

A: The SOAP integration information is slightly changed. Please see the new EndPoint below; the NameSpace remains unchanged at this time.

- DC4:</KMSEndPoint

- DC8: ​</KMSEndPoint

- Namespace (both DC4 and DC8): ​


Q: What testing has been performed on the new datacenter environment?

A: Extensive testing has been performed on the new datacenter environment.

  • Data center certification. Considered “configuration testing”, testing the application for its functionality within the new datacenter.
    • All create, read, update and delete functions on all processes have been tested
    • Document center functionality has been validated
    • Employee portal functionality has been validated
    • E-Verify integration has been validated
    • End-to-end flows of integration suite with other SF BizX modules
      • Recruiting Management
      • Employee Central
      • Foundation imports (SFTP imports)
      • ATS imports
  • Integration testing. This is testing of the specific integrations customers have in place.
    • Integration flow validation has been tested and validated
    • Validation on all themes, logos so that the functional customizations are retained
    • Multiple validations of data integrity across source and target instance migrated
      • Users
      • Documents
      • Features
      • Processes
  • Performance testing. No specific performance testing has been done, but Page Load times and validations across the application show a significant improvement in the new datacenter


Q: Will SFTP communication be happening over port 22?​

A: Yes. SFTP Communication will be on Port 22. Protocol is SFTP://.


Q: Are the login credentials that we received on 7/18/14 the only login credentials we have?

A: No. If you need additional credentials, these will be created and provided to you. Please notify Support if you need these additional credentials created via a Support portal case.


Q: What is the message that will be displayed while the migration is happening for candidates that try to accesses the system during this time? 

A: This content is yet to be determined, but there will be a user-friendly message present on the Onboarding system during the Production migration on August 29, 2014.


Q: Will we continue to use our existing SFTP services until the migration? 

A: Correct. Existing SFTP and Onboarding application services will remain in place until August 29, 2014.


Q: For the new SFTP environment (, can you please confirm that the folder structure has changed and that the new path should be /ONB/outbound for our export .csv and pdf files ?

A: Yes, the path should be /ONB/outbound for our exports.


Q: Currently we pass files and pick up files through two different SFTP User Accounts (Production and QA). Will these two accounts be covered under the one new one for Regions that was provided on 7/19/14?

A: Correct. This is in process; there will be test folder under ONB which will be used for Stage activities.


Original FAQ

This is the listing of original Frequently Asked Questions published by SuccessFactors in the notification of the datacenter migration.


Q: What changes do I need to make to prepare for this migration?

A: Aside from the SFTP changes mentioned above, there will be no changes to the way you access your system today. The URL will remain the same.


Q: What are the username and password credentials for my new AZ DC4 SFTP account?

A: On July 18, 2014, customers will receive individually their AZ DC4 SFTP username and password to access the new SFTP accounts for Onboarding. (Please note: these credentials have all been delivered. If your organization does not have your SFTP credentials, please submit a case immediately!)


Q: How will user experience be impacted by this migration?

A: There will be no access to the Onboarding application during the 12-24 hour migration window. We ask that you please plan accordingly.


Q: How will the QA environment be impacted by this change?

A: The QA environment in the Zerolag datacenter will be moved to the new ‘Stage’ environment in AZ DC4. The new Stage (new QA) environment will be available on Monday morning, July 21 at 1 AM PST.
Login Credentials: existing credentials will continue to work
Data : All data created up to June 28


Q: Is there any impact to corporate or legal compliance with this migration?

A: Clients utilize varying aspects of compliance functionality, in order to best address their business needs. So while there are no anticipated changes or impacts to current compliance, it is suggested that clients direct any specific processing and/ or other time sensitive concerns around the communicated down time, to the Customer Success team for further guidance. i.e.; I-9, E-Verify and/ or client specific document.


Q: Will I need to change my SSL/HTTPS certificates on my servers?

A: No, as there will be no change to your main application URL.


Q: Will any of my custom panels, custom exports of unique functionality to my Onboarding instance be impacted?

A: No, your system will perform normally. All custom panels and custom functionality will also be migrated as well to the new datacenter.


Q: Will there be a cost associated with the migration?

A: There is no cost associated with this migration.


Q: During the migration test period, will our Production instance be running in Zerolag or AZ DC4?

A: In Zerolag. You will have an opportunity to test your test/stage environment only


Q: Is there a contingency plan in place for the migration?

A: We have a plan in place to roll back changes should Operations encounter any unforeseen issues.


Q: What should we do if we have technical issues, encounter a bug, or see something else potentially caused or impacted by the migration?

A: All migration-related issues will be tracked as normal support cases via the Support portal. Please login and submit a case .


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