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2082699 - E-Verify New SuccessFactors Account - Onboarding


At the end of 2013, KMS legacy customers transitioned from the existing KMS E-Verify account to the new SuccessFactors E-Verify account.  All systems were transitioned to the new account and the old E-Verify account was closed.  At the bottom of this article you will find the original communication sent out to all of the affect customers.


As a follow up on this transition to the new Successfactors E-Verify account please note the following: 

  1. Successfactors E-Verify account was turned on or about 11/11/2013.
  2. The old E-Verify account was closed on or about 1/11/2014.  This old E-Verify account cannot be reopened under any circumstances. 
  3. Any E-Verify activities that were not completed prior to the closing of the old E-Verify account cannot and will not be closed.  These activities will remain in their current status in the DHS and in the Onboarding work queue.  Example: Employment Authorized but the manager did not click the ‘finish’ button to complete the activity and generate the E-Verify closed summary.
  4. Any activities in a Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) status that were NOT completed in the old E-Verify account may be re-enter in the new Successfactors E-Verify account.  Check to be sure there are no completed E-Verify activities for the candidate.
    1. DHS will allow this to make certain that employees do not lose the opportunity for employment due to the employer’s failure to complete the activities in the old E-Verify account.  
    2. When the manager is prompted as to why the E-Verify activity went beyond the 3 day rule, they will need to explain in the “Other” field the circumstances.  We cannot advise the customers as to how to explain their delay in completing the E-Verify activity.
  5. To determine what status you open E-Verify cases are in please see “How to run an E-Verify report” in the knowledge base in the Community.


For those that still have a large number of old cases,  we continue to recommend that you adhere to incremental timeframes to you actively address these cases in your Work Queue to ensure closure of all cases on or before, October 31, 2013. Assuming you closed all “Employment Authorized” cases this week, we now ask that you :






  • For your convenience attached below are the full instructions on how to close cases, which were included in your original notice letter.


  • Additionally, please know that this E-Verify transition will not have any impact on your use of your Onboarding or I-9Plus software.  However, we are recommending that to the extent possible, you complete Form I-9 and E-Verify in advance (or adjust the new hire start of work date) so you may suspend processing  any new cases in E-Verify between October 28 and 31st. . This action will ensure that you have sufficient time to close existing cases (i.e. receive confirmation,  take steps  to correct and re-verify, or act upon any TNC activity processed the prior week).   In the event any TNC cases are still awaiting response as of October 31st    we will work with DHS to resolve  such cases and close the account. However, to the extent we can avoid this occurrence, we are requesting a brief hiatus on processing E-Verify cases.


  • Should you have any questions, please contact at me (323) 896-6642 or your Customer Success Account Manager.



FAQs for E-Verify Account Transition

1. How do I close open E-Verify cases in my Work Queue?

Answer:  Your dashboard shows the number of pending and overdue cases within your Work Queue. Click on the activity link to access these cases. When you click on a case/activity, it will open to the screen of the last step taken related to the case.  To close or resolve open cases, please take the following steps:

a)If there are any cases at the initial Verification Step with a status of “Employment Authorized,” these should be closed immediately by opening the activity and continuing through the end. “Employment Authorized” is the next to the last step, not the last step, in the process. You must answer the question if the employee is still an active employee or not. Once that question has been answered, the case ids officially closed.

b)For the remaining open activities, confirm if the employees are active or terminated. If the employee has been terminated, open the E-Verify activity and select “Resolve Case”. Use the reason code “Employee Terminated” and close the case.

c)Once the Work Queue consists of only active employees with open cases, you should review the open activities in the Work Queue to ensure there are no duplicates. If there are duplicates, you should determine which case to keep and resolve the other(s) by selecting “Resolve Case” with the reason code “Duplicate”.

d)Once there is a “clean” list of open E-Verify Activities (activities for current employees with no duplicates), you should then check for any open activities that do not have a Case# assigned. You should open the activity and select “Initial Verification” to send the data to DHS E-Verify to commence the E-Verify process.

e)All other cases should be tracked and resolved as quickly as possible. Typically the ones that take more than two weeks to resolve are for employees with an Alien status and status DHS needs more time to confirm their authorization to work in the United States. All others should be able to be resolved within a 2 week period of time.


2.  I have attempted to resolve the open E-Verify case but cannot?

Answer: There may be cases within your Work Queue that were initiated when the E-Verify system was down, and you are unable to close. These cases will require the assistance of our Support team to assist you in closing the case. Please make a listing of all such cases, how you would like the case to be resolved and forward it as a support request via NetSuite.

3. If we don’t close open cases, what will occur?

Answer: If you do not close your open cases prior to October 31, 2013, you may not have a record that confirms the employment eligibility of the related employee(s) or establishes that the case was resolved in accordance with E-Verify procedures. 

4. When will my KMS client account be closed?

Answer: We are working closely with the E-Verify Program to ensure that cases processed under the existing KMS account are appropriately resolved prior to closing your account.  You will receive a notification for your records of when your KMS client account is closed. 

5. When will I start processing cases under my new SuccessFactors client account?

Answer: You will begin processing your E-Verify cases under your new SuccessFactors account on or before November 1, 2013.  The exact date is contingent upon the closure of open cases and the return of your new MOU. You will receive additional information on the exact cutover timeline for your account.


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