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2082155 - Interview Central - Recruiting


  • Interview Central How-Tos.


  • SuccessFactors Recruiting Management.


  • A recruiting user can make a list of SuccessFactors HCM users who will interview the applicant. After adding a user to the interviewer list, a new Interview Assessment form is placed on the Interview Central tab for the user. The Interview Central tab is found under Recruiting in SuccessFactors HCM.

  • Interview Central is not an interview scheduling tool, and there is no integrated calendar solution for SuccessFactors Recruiting Management.
    Interview Assessment forms pull competencies from the requisition and allow the interviewer to provide a numeric rating and comments on each competency. Additionally, the interviewer can provide an overall thumbs up or thumbs down on the applicant, add overall comments, and possibly attach documents to their feedback.

  • Interviewers can only provide one set of feedback per applicant. Even if two separate interviewers give feedback, only one set of competency ratings will be saved for each applicant. Additionally, once an interviewer has rated their candidates, changing the competencies, rating scale, or reverse scale option in the Job Requisition XML will cause existing Interview Assessment forms to display incorrect data.

  • When a candidate has been identified for an interview, the recruiter selects the interviewers. Interviewers are added to the candidate’s application and interview requests are sent to the interviewers from the recruiter.

1)      Getting started

  • Interview assessment requests requiring your input are listed on the to-dos list on the Home page by job title. Click the job title link to go to interview central. You may also click the interview central tab on the recruiting modules to view your interview requests.

2)      Open and closed interview requests

  • Interview central lists all open and closed interview requests.

3)      View Interviews

  • Interviews are organized by job title. Click the arrow to the left of the job title to expand the view.

4)      Print and  go pack

  • The day of the interview, click “Print and go” to create materials for the interview.

5)      Rate Candidate

  • After the interview, click “Rate Now” to evaluate the candidate.

6)      Overall Ratings

  • “Overall Ratings” visually summarize each candidate’s hiring recommendation. The recruiter and hiring manager access the candidate’s application to review the interviewer’s rating and feedback on the candidate.

Spotlight: Print and Go Pack

  • Information and features included in the print and go pack include:

-          Interviews’ names

-          Candidate’s name

-          Job Title of position applying to

-          Date of interview

-          Hiring manager

-          Job description and responsibilities

-          Job competencies

-          Resume

-          Print the Print and Go Pack

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  •  Click on “Print and Go” .

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Completing the interview Assessment

  • After the interviews, the interviewers rate and comment on each candidate’s capabilities with regards to the competencies listed. Click the “Rate now” link on the “interview central” tab to conduct the interview assessment. A new window opens:

1)      Rate candidate on the competencies identified during the job requisition process using the “1,2,3,4,5” rating scale.

2)      The candidate’s “Overall Rating” is automatically calculated.

3)      Use the “Stack Ranker” drop down menu to compare candidates’ ratings on individual competencies or order candidates by overall ratings.

4)      Provide an overall recommendation  for each candidate by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

5)      Click on chat box to enter comments on key points from to interview to support the rating .

6)      Click “save”.

7)      Click “I’m done” to finish the assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the feedback is accessible to the recruiter and hiring manager for evaluation.

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Evaluate candidates

1)      Click the “view candidates rating” link on the job requisition form to view how interviewers rated candidates.

2)      Candidates’ individual and overall ratings are displayed.

3)      Use the “Stack Ranking” drop-down menu to compare candidates’ ratings on individual competencies or order candidates by overall ratings.

4)      Overall candidate recommendation is displayed as “ thumbs up” or “ thumbs down”.

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