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Useful information about the Offer Approval feature in Recruiting Management


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Feature Summary

Once a recruiter, hiring manager, or other authorized user decides to hire a candidate to fill a job requisition, the offer process consists of assembling details of the offer that will be extended to the candidate, routing these details for approval, generating an offer letter using tokens from the requisition, application and offer details form and extending an offer letter to a candidate.

The offer details record is a collection of the salary, start date and other elements the company wants to use while negotiating employment with the candidate. Offer details are entered by a recruiter or other authorized user, an ad hoc list of approvers is defined and the offer is sent for approval. Approvers can approve or reject with comments.


Quick Facts

  • Users can approve or reject offers via mobile but comments are not supported on mobile
  • The user who creates an offer can observe the progress of offer details sent for approval on their offer dashboard as they move from approver to approver. Other users will only see the offer details record on their offer dashboard if it is their turn to act on it.
  • You can configure more than one Offer Details template to use in the approval process.
  • Approved or rejected offer detail records, if changed, will automatically version themselves to the next version. (Example: Editing the details on version 1 will create a version 2.)
  • Offer detail records cannot be associated to a route map, nor have default approvers automatically added. Approval routing is not conditional. Ad hoc offer approval is the only method available.
  • Offer detail records cannot do calculations on fields.
  • Offers are mainly composed of referenced data from the application and requisition, but can include some standalone fields.
  • Offer data is reportable but not accessible in the API. Offer data is not searchable.
  • Offers cannot be recalled after being sent for approval; the approver must take action.
  • It is not possible to select external, non-BizX users as approvers for an offer.
  • Comments upon routing for approval cannot be disabled or required. Once saved, these comments cannot be edited.
  • The old offer-fields section of the requisition XML should not be used when offer approval is turned on, or errors may occur on the offer letter page.
  • The position of any reportable custom fields should not be changed once defined in the Offer Detail XML; if it is changed the field will report incorrect values in the Recruiting V2 and V2 Secured reporting schemas
  • There is no way to limit which offer approval a recruiting user can create. In case there are multiple Offer Detail Templates currently active and user has permission to create Offer Approvals (which is permissioned per role in the job req xml template), user will see all templates to select. From Creation Permission will not be taken into account in this case either.
  • There is no automatic system generated reminder email for offer approvals that have not been approved after a certain time.

  Working with Offer Detail Approval

  • After configuring the Offer Detail XML template, setting up tokens and enabling the offer Approval feature permission, the Offer drop down will appear in the Application record toolbar and Offer Approval will appear as an option.



  • When selected, the user will be directed to the Offer Details page and will be prompted to select an Offer Template.



Offer Template

  • Data auto-populates into fields referenced from the Requisition and Application XML. The user must enter data into all required fields.



Offer Details Fields

  • After completing all required fields the user must enter a list of ad hoc approvers, selecting from BizX users.



Ad hoc Approvers

  • The user must click the “Send For Approval” button. A confirmation message will appear, providing a double check that the user really wants to send the offer details for approval.



Offer Confirmation Message

  • Upon confirmation, the offer details will automatically become read-only and a version will be created. The approver will receive a notification email and be required to approve or decline.



Offer Details Version

  • The approval can also be done via mobile if the approver has the BizX application installed.



Mobile Offer Approval

  • After the offer is approved by all approvers or is rejected by one approver, the offer details are once again available for editing. Any changes made and sent will result in a new version.



  • Offer Details are reportable in Ad Hoc Reporting. Because there may be many versions of the Offer Details routed for approval, this content appears in two places in Ad Hoc Reports:
  • 1. Offer Details
  • 2. Last Offer Details
  • Offer Details will return one row of data for every version of the offer, causing the applicant to appear in the report multiple times because there will be a one-to-many relationship between the applicant and the offer details versions. This should only be used if the client deliberately wants to look at the full offer history of the candidate, like in a scenario where they are trending the history of offer negotiations.
  • Last Offer Details will return only the data from the most recent (highest version) Offer Details record. This will ensure there is a one to one relationship between the applicant and the offer details on the report. This is the advisable folder to use in most reports involving offer details.


Offer Approval Dashboard

  • In Recruting module, users who have the appropriate permissions will have the link to access Offer Approvals.


  • By accessing this module, users will have a dashboard which contains offer approvals which the user is either the approver or the creator of the Offer.


Using the drop down tab, users will be able to filter Offers by:

  • All Offer Approvals;
  • Draft Offer Approvals;
  • Pending Offer Approvals;
  • Completed Offer Approvals;
  • Declined Offer Approvals;


  • Once the job requisition is closed, the offer will no longer be visible on the dashboard. Reports will be available to be run on approved offers.


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