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2081508 - Custom Reportable Recruiting Fields - Recruiting Management


  • How to report on Custom Fields in Recruiting Management using Ad Hoc (Table) and Canvas (ORD) reports?
  • Data missing/Incorrect data fetched in reports for custom Fields in Recruiting Management


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To make a custom field reportable, you need to map them to Custom Reportable Recruiting Fields in Provisioning. When adding a new custom field it needs to be configured in the XML template and mapped to match what is in the template. Then a sync must be done in order for these to be reportable. Hence, when adding new fields in Provisioning they must match what is in the configuration.

For example:

The following field must be reportable: <field-definition id="locale" type="picklist" required="true" custom="true">. Then, what needs to be done is:

  1. The fieldID and the field type in Provisioning must match what is in the XML.
  2. Map this under the Job Requisition tab in Provisioning in the picklist column, inserting the fieldID. In the case above, 'locale'.
    If the type was text in the XML, it would go in the text column in provisioning. Mapping under the wrong type can cause problems with the sync: a field configured as a picklist and mapped in a text field column could cause random reporting and/or sync errors.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.
  4. After saving the new field, you will select 'Synchronize Selected Field Data' tab. You will get a message back in provisioning when it goes through, then, after synchronizing, you will get an e-mail confirming results.
  5. If you do not get an e-mail back confirming that the sync was successful it may indicate a problem.


  • Make sure the custom reportable fields are only mapped once in provisioning – having the same field mapped as a date and also as a text field or picklist field could cause sync problems.
  • Mapping with a nonexistent field definition ID, mapping duplicates or mapping in the wrong field type can cause random troubles in ad hoc data; and/or break the sync.
  • if you do not have access to Provisioning, please contact your partner or create a support incident with the details of the field under concern.
  • If you have a field that is not retrieving/displaying information when creating a report but you do have information on those fields, please, kindly ask your Implementation Partner or contact SAP Support in order to have the Synchronize Extended Field Data triggered again. This job is the one that will sync the information currently existing in the system to make it reportable in Reporting. Sometimes, its needed to re-trigger this job in order to have the values displaying in the reports.


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