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When searching in Candidate Search, how can I limit my search results?


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  •  Each time a candidate search is prepared there is an option with criteria “is exactly” or “contains”. Make sure to select the correct one. 
  • In specific for “contains” criteria if the searched text has spaces, the spaces are “translated” by the system in logic OR. In the below example searching for a zip code with criteria “contains” and text “T3H 5E8” (where there is a space between T3H and 5E8) will search for all candidates where both texts T3H and 5E8 are contained:

 untitled.png a.png

  •  If the criteria are changed to “is exactly”, then only candidates which are exactly with zip code “T3H 5E8” are found. The space is treated as normal character and is not “dividing” the two texts.

 untitled.png b.png

  • Still with the "exactly" criteria, the system will only understand the terms that have an exact match with the word being searched. So, if you look for a user called "Robin", users like "Robins" and "Robinson" will not come as a result. Under the same idea, if you look for a department called "Admin", departments like "Admins" or "Administration" will not come as a result. On the other hand, spaces " " , slashes " / \ " and dashes "-" will separate one term from the other and, from a search perspective, understand the result as 2 (or more) completely different words. As an example, If you look for the department "IT", you may found as a result departments like "IT/SALES" , "IT and Sales" or "IT-SALES"

Are only three search criteria available in the currently system: "Contains", "Is Exactly" and "Starts With". But, with an enhancement request you can input your idea to improve the functionality and add new criteria. All enhancement requests are reviewed by our Product Management team and, if successful, are developed and implemented in a future product release. Please provide feedback and ideas at For detailed steps on how to raise an enhancement request please follow the Knowledge Base Article 2090228.


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