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2081391 - Manage Recruiting Settings - Recruiting Management


  • Recruiting: Manage Recruiting Settings


  • Success Factors Recruiting Management (all versions)


Admin Center > Managing Recruiting > Manage Recruiting Settings

  • Use this page to manage the follwoing Recruiting settings: 

Company Contact Information

  • Enter global company contact details which could be provided to external job postings:



Return Email Address Information

Specify the return email address information that will be displayed to candidates on email correspondence (Please refer also to the following Knowledge Base Articles: 2148487 - Getting Return Email address on manually sent e-mails , 2226211 - Delaying correspondence in Recruiting Management).

  • Make return email address editable in 'Email Candidate'  
  • Return address for system-generated emails to candidates   
  • Display Name
  • Delay Emails to Disqualified Candidates (in hours)   
    Summary: Previously, auto-disqualified emails sent to candidates were sent instantly. This may lead the candidate to believe that they were automatically disqualified, which may be undesired to your organization. Administrators now have the option to delay the email notifications from being sent out immediately.
    Fix/Solution: This can be done in [Admin Tools> Manage Recruiting Settings]. Type the number of hours you want the emails to be delayed in the field labeled “Delay Emails to Disqualified Candidates (in hours)”.


Candidate Profile Settings

  • Set background elements to highlight current value (based on start/end date)
  • Enable / disable Resume Parsing


 Applicant Profile Settings

  • Hide skipped statuses in application audit trail - By default the application status audit trail tracks every status the candidate enters and all skipped statuses in between. If the client prefers, the audit trail can omit the skipped statuses in the display and reporting of the audit trail.
  • Enable forwarding with job application data intact - 

    If this option is enabled, when an applicant is forwarded to another requisition, the system populates corresponding fields with data previously provided by the applicant. Then, when the invited candidate comes to complete their application, the pre-populated data is displayed for the applicant to review, change and submit.
    Late Stage applications must also be enabled in order for jobs to forward with application data intact. This option is not available if Late State Application is not enabled.

  • Time to Hire - Populates a value “Time to Hire field” in reportable application fields. (Please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article: 2081537 - Reporting on Time to Fill and Time to Hire - Recruiting)
  • Automatically disposition non-selected in-progress applicants on closed requisitions to status 'Requisition Closed' - If enabled, when the requisition is moved into a closed state the non-hired applicants on the requisition will be dispositioned into a new system status "Requisition Close" for the closed requisition. More information can be found here: 2080971 - Automatically disposition non-selected applicants upon requisition close - Recruiting
  • Automatically disposition non-selected in-progress applicants on closed requisitions to status 'Hired On Other Requisition' - When enabled, when a candidate has applied to multiplerequisitions and is hired on one of them, and that job requisition is closed if the candidate is in an In Progress status on any other requisitions, the product will automatically disposition them into the the status “Hired on Other Requisition” for those requisitions.; Please see also: 2080890 - Automatically Disposition Hired Candidate - Recruiting
  • When number of remaining openings becomes less than one Automatically close requisitions with status X - [SELECT STATUS] populates with the list of 99999 job requisition statuses, where enabled. (See also: 2103264 - Hired on a job requisition)
  • Mask Social Security Number and Date Of Birth in adhoc reports - Hides the job application Social Security Number data from Ad Hoc Reporting. When this setting is enabled, SSN data is still accessible via SFAPI and the new hire integration report.
  • Allow users to optionally provide comments on application status change - Adds a free-text box on the status change confirmation screen that appears when a recruiting user moves applicants to a different status. Enable unless client requests otherwise
  • Enable Comment Visibility on the Jobs Applied Portlet - Enables recruiting users to view application comments for each job requisition in the Jobs Applied Portlet.




Candidate Search Settings

Warn users of delay when searching by candidate activity using a custom date range greater than X days.




External To Internal Candidate Profile Conversion Settings

Specifies settings for the Internal to External candidate profile conversion. Knowledge Base Article on the candidate profile conversion: 2249476 - External to Internal Candidate Profile conversion - Recruiting



Job Requisition

  • Use originator's preferred language as the default language of a new job requisition
  • Allow forwarding of candidates to unposted jobs
  • Enable private postings of jobs  Recruiters can send a unique URL link to candidates for the purpose of applying to jobs that are privately posted internally or externally.
  • Show job description to Applicants even after the job posting is taken down
  • Disable "Add Role" on Forward to Requisition dialogue  
  • Allow users to view pre-approved requisitions without regard to route map status
  • Disable Department, Division, and Location filter options on Job Requisition Tab
  • Do not allow users to select inactive Divisions, Departments and Locations in the career site job search or when editing requisitions
  • Use Job Profiles in Requisitions 
  • On the v12 Home page, alert hiring managers if their requisitions haven't been advanced for X days. 
  • Time to Fill
  • Age of Requisition
  • Allow reopen of closed requisitions even if number of remaining openings is less than 1
  • Set default Job Requisition Status when a requisition is created or approved


  Interview Central

  • Enable document attachments for interview notes 
  • Enable Interview Scheduling


Candidate Summary

Display Interview Result and Overdue Interviews in candidate summary page:



Offer Approval

  • Enable Job Code Entity fields to be editable
  • Do not pull updated job application and job requisition field data on the offer approval when an offer approval is edited or a new version is created


Offer Letter

  • Set date format to be displayed in Offer Letters
  • Allow candidates to accept offers online
  • Allow candidates to email job requisition operator



Instructions above job requisitions list:


Deletion of Attachments

When a candidate's profile is deleted due to privacy choices or an old candidate is purged from the system:


Deletion of Correspondence

When a candidate's profile is deleted due to privacy choices or an old candidate is purged from the system:



Assessment Integration

  • Reinitiate Candidate Assessment Settings 
  • Enable reinitiating assessment if no acknowledgment is received for any request in last X hour(s).


Field Validation

  • Enable field level validation on standard Phone Number fields (cellPhone & homePhone) on Candidate Profile & Application
  • Enable field level validation on standard Social Security Number field on Application


Short Message Service (SMS)


Career Site

  • Enable Apply with LinkedIn
  • Enable CAPTCHA


"Application Submit Page" - Internal Career Site

Allows to customize the "Thanks to Apply" message after job application on Internal Career Site

"Application Submit Page" - External Career Site

Allows to customize the "Thanks to Apply" message after job application on External Career Site



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