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2081299 - Job Role Tags - Recruiting


  • What are tags for the roles used for in recruiting? How is it possible to import these?


  • Recruiting Management.


  • When creating a job requisition, one of the options is to Browse "Families & Roles".
  • In this way all families and roles will be displayed. However if these families and roles are too much, or maybe are used for other purposes (such as in Performance Manager forms), the customer may want to restrict the selection to a subset.
  • When a role is selected from the Browse “Families & Roles” the job requisition will be created with the related competencies already there (competencies are used for rating candidates in the Interview Central)
  • Tags are used to filter and narrow down the roles that can be selected.
  • How is it possible to import these?
  • First of all a new picklist must be created. This is an example:


  • ^picklistId,OptionId,minValue,maxValue,value,status,external_code,parentOptionId,en_US,pt_BR,zh_CN,en_GB,zh_TW,fr_CA,es_ES,de_
  • jobRoleTags,,1.0,1.0,1.0,ACTIVE,,-1,"tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1","tag1"
  • jobRoleTags,,1.0,1.0,1.0,ACTIVE,,-1,"tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2","tag2"
  • jobRoleTags,,1.0,1.0,1.0,ACTIVE,,-1,"tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3","tag3"
  • jobRoleTags,,1.0,1.0,1.0,ACTIVE,,-1,"tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4","tag4"
  • jobRoleTags,,1.0,1.0,1.0,ACTIVE,,-1,"tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5","tag5"


  • Then the picklist must be selected in Admin Tools > Picklists Mappings Set Up . Also you can add a label for the meaning of this filter.



  • Next step is to link the roles with the first filter picklist1
  • For example, we want to add for this filter the role “IT Project Manager” in family “IT” where there are 3 competencies linked:



  • To do that we need to import a special csv file:


  • Where the jobfamily and the jobrole MUST match the family and role already imported.
  • In case of non-parent picklist we just need to add the PICKLIST_ID value as the picklistid that was imported before. The LABEL must match one of the possible values for the picklistid.


  • This file must be imported in Admin Tools > Import Job Role Tags
  • The result is that when we select the label tag1 for example:

​​    5.jpg


  • Only the role “IT Project Manager” will appear:

​​    6.jpg


  • When selected this, the 3 competencies will appear:

​​    7.jpg

  • Use cases:
    • Families and roles are too much
    • Not all Families and roles are used for recruiting (such as in Performance Manager forms), the customer may want to restrict the selection to a subset


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