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2080882 - Workflow Delegation Overview & FAQ - Employee Central


This article provides a general overview and FAQ of the Workflow Delegation functionality.


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For general information Please refer to Handbook: Implementing and Configuring Workflows in Employee Central



Is my system enabled for Workflow Delegation?

The Auto-Delegate feature is a Universal feature.

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures > Select “Workflows”.
  2. Select any workflow.
  • If you can see the field “Is Delegate Supported”, then your instance can be configured with no additional actions from Customer Success.
  • If you do not see this field, please open a support ticket and request that your “EC instance be enabled for Workflow Delegation”.


How to enable workflow delegation?

How to enable Workflow Delegation (once the “Is Delegate Supported” available).
There are 2 parts to enabling workflow delegation.

  • Enabling the workflow delegation on individual workflows.
  • Selecting an individual to assume approval rights.


Enable individual workflows

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures > Select “Workflows”.
  2. Select a workflow that you would like to enable users to delegate approval rights.
  3. Select “Take Action”.
  4. Select “Make Correction” and update the “Is Delegate Supported” from “No” to “Yes”.
  5. Select “Save”.
  6. This process should be repeated for all workflows that will be enabled for delegation. Once saved this will allow “Auto-delegation” and “Manual Delegation”


Automatic and Manual Delegation

There are two types of delegation auto delegation and manual delegation.Enable individual workflows

Auto delegation allows a user to define an individual, job relationship, dynamic role, dynamic group or position that will approve workflows on their behalf. This delegation is either on or off. There is not a date based approval at this time. It will be included in future versions. The most use case is an Administrative Assistant that would approve workflows on behalf of their manager. Select a workflow that you would like to enable users to delegate approval rights. Select “Take Action”.
Manual delegation is where a user opens an individual workflow and delegates an alternate approver for only that workflow. The most common use case is that a manager might not have the needed information to actually “validate” the transaction, so it is delegated to a peer or sub-ordinate that is directly involved in the action.

Assign an approver for Auto Delegation

  1. Navigate to the Home Page, Select the My Info tile.
  2. Select the Auto-delegation item.


  1. Select the "Delegate My Approval" box.
  2. Find and select who you are granting approval rights to.
  3. Select “Save”.



Assign an approver for Manual Delegation

  1. Navigate to the workflow approval that you would like to delegate.
  2. If the workflow is enabled for delegation, you have the option to delegate the approval.



After successful delegation, system will perform the following tasks -

  1. Activity Log: system logs a workflow activity delegate action.
  2. Email Notification: system sends email notification to the initiator.
  3. To-Dos: Update To-Do entry for delegator and create To-Do entry for delegatee.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is workflow delegation?

    Workflow delegation is the ability for a user to grant another employee rights to approve a workflow on his/her behalf.
  • What kind of workflow steps can a user delegate approval rights?

    Workflow steps of type Role, Dynamic Role, Dynamic Group and Position are currently supported (ECT-34293, ECT-29247, ECT-34291)
  • What is the difference between manual and auto delegation?

    Manual delegation is when a workflow is accessed by the approver and selects an individual to
    approve ONLY that workflow.
    Auto-delegation is when an individual is selected to approval ALL eligible (delegation enabled) workflows.
  • Can I disable the “Auto Delegate” option under “My Links”?

  • If I select a person as my Delegatee, will all workflows be routed to this person?

    No – Only workflows that have "Is Delegation Supported" set to "Yes".
  • Is there any effect if I select a Delegatee and no workflows are enabled?

    No – both must be completed any effect on workflows.
  • If I enable Auto-delegation, will this enable delegations in workflows already launched?

    No – enabling delegations in workflows will only effect workflows created after the workflow has "Is Delegation Supported" set to "Yes".
  • Can an Administrator change an approver’s delegatee?

    Yes – Administrators could “Proxy” as the employee and change the delegate.
    Navigating to Admin Center > Manage Data > Select “Auto Delegate Config”. Any employee with a delegate selected will be visible here. The administrator can change, disable, or delete the delegate.
  • How do the users (managers) know whether a particular workflow allows delegation?

    The primary communication should be from system administrators. This will set the appropriate expectations, consistent with your organization’s practices. For example; workflows for position changes may be allowed for delegation but not any pay related actions.
    Workflow approvers would see the “delegation” option on the actual workflow approval screen. The absence of this option would indicate that the workflow is not eligible for delegation.
  • Will the system handle multiple tiers of approvers?

    No - For example: if A-> B -> C, auto delegatee will be B when step owner = A.
  • Can an approver select multiple delegatees?

    No – Users can only select one delegatee.
  • Can auto delegate be enabled for Foundation Object workflows?

  • Can a delegatee decline the delegated approval?

    Yes- The delegatee can decline the delegated approval. The approval responsibility would then revert back the original approver.
  • What occurs to the workflow if a delgatee become inactive?

    The workflow will revert back to the original approver.

  • If a workflow has been escalated, can you delegate it?

    No. You cannot Escalate the workflow and then Delegate it. You can only Delegate it first and then Escalate it.


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