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2080620 - How to enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) - Employee Central


  • If a customer wants to use the new Business Configuration UI (BCUI) for Succession Data Model (SDM) tool then they need to request to Customer Success to get this enabled. This is because it is an Opt-In feature and the customer will require help and should also be sent the correct documentation before getting started.

  • The Business Configuration UI (BCUI) for Succession Data Model (SDM) is a powerful Admin tool that allows administrators to maintain certain elements of the SDM using their end-user UI, instead of asking SuccessFactors staff to maintain these elements in the XML configuration files. The BCUI is helpful if you are a customer that would like to be able to make your own configuration choices and changes. You will find the BCUI useful if you are a customer that makes frequent use cases such as changing labels, changing the display sequence of fields, adding or changing translations, changing the visibility of fields, making fields required, country specific fields and also adding custom fields. This article explains how to enable the Business Configuration UI (BCUI) and things a customer needs to be aware of and carefully consider before they start using it


  • Employee Central


  • To enable the BCUI you as the customer will need to raise a case to Customer Success. Please entitle the case ‘Request to enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI)’. Please note that the instance should have Employee Central (EC) enabled.


  • Customer Success will enable this feature in your Test instance first as you will need to get used to and very familiar with using the tool before looking to make any Production changes. You should also be sent or obtain the Admin guide ‘EC Config Guide – Business Configuration UI for Succession Data Model (SDM)’ because this is a document which gives you a fuller feature description and more detail into what to consider as you start using the tool.


  • Once you have been informed the feature is enabled, you will need to set the following permissions for the role(s) that you want to be able to use the tool. Go to Admin Tools / Set User Permissions / Manage Permission Roles. Ensure these options are ticked.



  • And this is how you open the BCUI from the new Admin Tools. Go to Admin Tools / Company Settings / Manage Business Configuration. And also what it looks like once opened. Ready to start!





  • Please be fully aware you are changing your configuration when using the BCUI tool. There is possibility you can cause undesired behavior and problems on your system if you do not take case and exercise control and caution.
  • We would recommend that you thoroughly get familiar with using this tool in your Test instance before asking Customer Success to enable this in your Production instance. Even once the tool is enabled in Production, you should always make any changes you make in the Test instance first and ensure the changes are thoroughly tested in Test first and also signed off by your business. And then when you do make the change in Production make sure an immediate test is made there by the key users.
  • We also recommend keeping a change log of your changes. Screen shot your settings in the BCUI before you make a change. You can use this as a reference should you need to troubleshoot or rollback. If you are subsequently not in the office then a colleague can see what has been changed in your absence and can follow up. Also you can use this change log as a reference and source when working with Customer Success on any resulting query or question after changes were made.
  • Please be aware making changes to fields that are controlled by permission you may also have to enable and review the field Manage Permission Roles before the change becomes visible.
  • Here is one example of why you must proceed with caution. If you are disabling standard elements in a productive system might have adverse effects on your instance. These elements are no longer available in the application and the standard element is also removed from the XML file when downloaded. This is a high risk change and you should consider the consequences in your case carefully. Take care when disabling.

The Business Configuration Administration Handbook can be found on the SAP Help website here. Please ensure you refer to this handbook for further questions.


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