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2080587 - How to ensure the correct Time Zone is synchronized to Public Profile - Employee Central


  • Public Profile displays the wrong local time for users.

    Example: User is on Pacific US time (PST), but their local time is displayed in Eastern US time (EST).


  • SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Employee Central


  • Employee Profile supports synchronizing timezone from Employee Central

    *Note: The 3 letter Timezone codes do not adhere to Daylight Savings
    Example:  The users Location object (San Mateo California) uses "PST (GMT-8:00)" as a Timezone instead of "America/Los Angeles (GMT-8:00)"


To solve this issue:

  1. Update ALL Location Foundation Objects to use the correct Timezone value such as "America/Los Angeles (GMT-8:00)".
  2. Ensure the HRIS propagation for timezone is set
  3. Ensure the HRIS Sync Map is configured
  4. Update the Employee's Job Info to trigger synchronization of this value to the EP “Timezone” field, so that the correct "Local Time" can be displayed on the Public Profile.
  5. Ensure there is no onSave rule which is over writing the Time Zone value in Employee Central.


Steps to resolve the issue if the Timezone configuration is incorrect:

  1. Admin Center -> Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures
  2. Search->Location -> open the location (example: San Mateo California)
  3. Update the "Timezone" field via Take Action-> Make Correction to the value Example: America/Los Angeles (GMT-8:00).
    *Note: Do not add an effective date.  Update the base effective dated record for all locations. 


Configure HRIS Propagation XML:

Ensure the following is defined in the HRIS propagation XML:

<propagate foundation-element-id="location">
<field id="timezone">
<destination field-id="timezone" hris-element-id="jobInfo"/>


Configure HRIS Sync Mapping:

Ensure the following is defined in the Succession Data Model:

under: <hris-sync-mappings>
             <hris-element-ref refid="jobInfo">


<hris-mapping >
<hris-field-ref refid="timezone"/>
<standard-element-ref refid="timeZone"/>








Steps to ensure the new Timezone data is syncronized from the Location object to the Employee Profile:

  • A Job Info update will need to occur for either the affected employee or ALL affected employees
  • Once the Location Foundation Object(s) are updated with the new Timezone value, you will need to work on re-loading Job Info data for all employees.

  • You can update their latest Job Info record by running a "Person & Employment Export Ad Hoc report" on all Job Info records in the system, extract the latest Job Info records (filter on end-date, all the current records will have the date 12/31/9999) and then Import the data again with the Timezone column blanked and the End Date column also blanked.

  • This will update the record in the system and force the Location to propagate the Timezone on Employee Profile / Public Profile page.









Detailed steps on how to perform this data reload:


  1. Create a new "Person & Employment Export Ad Hoc report" and only select the "Employee Job Info" columns in the report. Generate the report and export to Excel.
  2. Add filters to the columns and filter on "end-date" field for date "12/31/9999" (this is how to identify the current Job Info record). filter out all other records.
  3. Navigate to Admin Tools > Import Employee Data.
  4. Use the "Download" link at the top of the page to download a "Job History" import template.
  5. Copy the data from the columns in the filtered Excel, to the empty Job History import template that you downloaded
    *Note: Do not copy the header row, just the data, and note the columns are in a different order so this needs to be copied 1 column at a time.
  6. Once you have completed building your import file, remove all data from the "end-date" and "Timezone" column
  7. Import the file via Admin Tools > Import Employee Data > select Job History import and be sure to select the "Incremental" import option.


This will refresh the current Job Info record, without adding a new record to the system, and it will ensure the Timezone is updated to Employee Profile.

 Please reach out to Customer Success via a Support Ticket, should you encounter any issues with this procedure.


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