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2080201 - In Employee Central 2.0 how can the order of fields be rearranged? - Employee Central


  • This article explains how the order can order of fields be arranged in Employee Central 2.0.


  • Employee Central.


  • A customer might ask about influencing the order that EC fields are shown in the UI, if so there are some options and rules to be aware of.


Succession and Corporate Data Models:

  • The order in which fields in these xml fields are displayed on the UI is determined by the order in which they are listed in the Corporate or Succession Data Model xml file. Just put the attributes in the expected order in the xml itself.


The exception is the start date:

  • This always appears on top of the screen as the date when the change is supposed to be effective.


Country Specific Succession Data Model:

  • The CSF DM only contains the CSF fields, and all the standard fields are defined in Succession data model. CSF fields show up in the order they are configured in CSF data model but after the SDM standard/global fields.The only exception here is Address.  The field order in which you enter the data in the xml itself for country-specific elements is only relevant for the HRIS element homeAddress.

          So, in summary, on the UI, we have CSF fields showing up only after the all the fields in SDM - UNLESS you choose to use the following specific xml tag in the CSF.

  • If you want to have the CSF field showing up between global fields, you can do so only in relation only to the Succession Data Model fields. With the element display-order-follows in the XML file of the country-specific Succession Data Model (CSF DM), you can define that a certain field follows some other SDM field on the UI.


  • Here is an example from the country-specific Succession Data Model where the custom field being used is displayed after the field for the employee class for the country USA:

<hris-element id="jobInfo">
<hris-field max-length="256" id="custom-string3" visibility="both" type="worker">
<label>USA Dept Head</label>
<display-order-follows ref-id="employee-class"/>

  • This display-order-follows tag is to be used only in the CSF succession data model, this is not available in the Country Specific Corporate Data Model or elsewhere.
    I repeat - this tag display-order-follows can only be used in relation to SDM fields, not to other fields in the CSF DM or other data models.
  • If you do not use this tag then the order of attributes in CSF will be the order in UI but shown after global attributes - if you do nothing, the CSF fields will come after the SDM fields.



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