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2080153 - Error – Could not find corresponding compensation row for start date - Employee Central


  • This KB tackles a common issue experienced by new Admins for Employee Central 2.0 environments, when importing Pay Component compensation data.
  • Error Appears stating "Could not find corresponding compensation row for start date"




  • Employee Central


Cause 1: You are trying to import Pay Components without first creating a new Compensation Information record for them to be associated with.

Cause 2: You are specifying an end date which is a date further in the future of a future effective dated compensation information record (See example below)

  • I am trying to import a Pay Component Recurring record for the 01/08/2017 (UK Format) for user 104001

12-07-2017 12-09-54.png

  • There is an existing Compensation information record for this date 01/08/2017, as is required, yet I still get the validation error message


  • In this scenario you are getting the error because you've specified an end date in your Pay Component Recurring Import File which is beyond the 01st of January 2018 Future Effective Dated Record in Compensation Information Element.



  • Resolution to Cause 1:
  • You are receiving this error because you have not imported a corresponding Compensation Information record. Because Pay Components are housed inside a Compensation Info record, you need to first create a new Compensation Information record (using the same Effective Start Date as the Pay Components you are importing), and then import the Pay Components using the same Effective Start Date as the Compensation Info record.
  • For example, if you need to import new Pay Components into an employee’s EC records, you first need to import a new Compensation Information record for the Pay Components to be housed in. You need to ensure that for the Comp Info record and the Pay Components you import, that they all use the same Effective Start Date. Further example would be to import Compensation Info with an Effective Start Date of 01/01/2013, and then import the associated Pay Component information for that user with an Effective Start Date of 01/01/2013.
  • You can use the &&NO_OVERWRITE&& feature for the new Compensation Information record, which will force the system to pull over the information stored in the previous Compensation Info record to the new Compensation Info record you are creating via Import.


  • Resolution to Cause 2 :
  • Change the end date specified in the Pay Component Recurring import File, and change it to the day before the furture dated record in EC, or simply leave the field blank.

12-07-2017 12-43-50.png

12-07-2017 12-56-16.png


  • If you wish for the information in this import file to be forward propagated to the Future dated compensation info record's pay components, please ensure forward propagation is enabled for Comp Info. See References on this KBA.


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